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In. Outlaw Star —. Hide Spoilers. Tweekums 22 June Outlaw Gene Starwind and his young sidekick James "Jim" Hawking are hired to act as bodyguards by infamous outlaw "Hot Ice" Hilda as the retrieves the ship she has stolen from a band of space pirates.

Hilda dies leaving Gene with the ship, which he names the 'Outlaw Star', and its bio-android; Melfina. Hilda had told Gene that the reason she took the ship was that it was deed to find the legendary Galactic Leyline. Before they head off for the Leyline Gene, Jim and Melfina have a of adventures during which they pick up two more crew members; assassin "Twilight" Suzuka who has been hired to kill Gene and a Ctarl-Ctarl, think alien cat-girl, named Aisha Clanclan. During their adventures they meet a variety of other characters; both enemies and friends and eventually they find what the Leyline really is.

This anime series is a great mix of humour and adventure thanks to an intriguing story and interesting characters. Gene is a fine protagonist; a good guy who is rough round the edges; Melfina isn't the deepest of characters but has an aura of mystery about her and Aisha is just hilarious. While the character des show the age of the series it still looks good; indeed it is part of the series' charm. The animation is pretty good too. These comments are based on watching the uncut series in Japanese with English subtitles. I read that a censored version was broadcast in some countries although I couldn't see much to offend here; just some non-sexual nudity, the occasional minor swearword and a little violence.

Was this review helpful? Aaron 24 July I love this anime series, my only complaint is that it only lasted one season This anime features a guy and his kid sidekick as they start out as sort of trouble solvers. Being body guards, bounty hunting, name the price and they do it as long as it appears to be on the up and up. Well they take on a mysterious client that turns out to be an outlaw hence the journey into the stars commences.

During this trip they find an android who seems almost human, they get into trouble with pirates, they commandeer a ship later named "The Outlaw Star", they run afoul of an alien beast woman, they get into trouble with an assassin, and they have many many action packed, but funny adventures on their way to solving the mysterious of something known as the Galactic Leyline.

Like I said this series has it all The series starts out fast, stays fast in the middle and doesn't let up till the very end. Having the entire series uncut on DVD is pretty cool too, as the Japanese voices are a lot better especially Aisha Clan Clan who has a bit of an irritating voice in the American version. Cool show This show was cool, even though it only ran one season. There was really no reason to continue the series once the Outlaw star villains storyline was resolved, but maybe they could make a movie or something, I would like to see that.

On a side note, I am surprised that even in the edited version this got a Y7 rating in the US. It was a pretty good cartoon though, I recommend it. Let me say this is one of my favorite shows of all time. Its a really great series and I recommend it to everyone that likes animes dealing with outer space and people that have the attitude that they will do whatever they want within the reasonable limit. Even though its an old school series and isn't as smooth looking as the newer ones, it holds its own. The setting of the story is in outter space and it has a kinda western feel to it.

The plot of the series is based around a character called Gene Starwind. He has a kinda odd job business with his partner James Jim Hawking. There whole lives change when they meet an outlaw named Helda. Through her they meet Melfina. Melfina is a type bio-organic andriod Outlaw star villains was made to interface with this ship that Helda le the three to a one of a kind ship called the XGP which later Gene names the Outlaw Star. Outlaw star villains are different types of factions in this series.

They are the Outlaws, the Pirates, and the Federation, and a group of Taoists. But they are all after this thing called the Galactic Leyline. All the groups know of it but they don't know exactly what it is. So the series starts with the three characters: Gene, Jim, and Melfina looking for the Galactic Leyline. Along the way they meet up different and sometimes surprising characters and make a few allies.

They have some pretty interesting adventures too. I can't say much more or I will give away the whole series. But i hope ya found this review at least helpful. Again I recommend that everyone should have this gem added to their collection. The series while coming out in the late 90's is still as enjoyable to me as when it first came out on the sci-fi channels late anime Friday's.

The series can't but be helped in comparing it a little to the more dramatic and tragic series Cowboy Bebop whiche while also enjoyable was Outlaw star villains little more on the dark dramatic side than Outlaw star was. The series characters are all very enjoyable with Gene Starwind his friend and partner Jim Hawkin, Melfina who they meet early on in one of their jobs and becomes a member of their company as well as the strong samurai like assassin Suzuka and the Ktarl Ktarl female Aisha who have all ed together in one way or another to find and retrieve the mysterious treasure the galactic layline I think that's how it's spelled.

Also we can't have a series like this without the standard villains who are the mysterious pirates with mystical powers also searching for the galactic layline as Outlaw star villains as two brothers the McDougal's who also have a personal interest in not only the galactic layline but with Gene's groups as well. The series animation and music are great but if you're expecting the massive CGI effects we see with a lot of the anime nowadays than sorry you won't see much of that with this series, but don't let that pull you away because with how enjoyable this series is you definitely don't need it with this series.

Outlaw Star rocks! Outlaw Star's awesome. It focuses on Gene Starwind the heroJim Hawkings the They go off in search of bounties, alien scum, and of course treasure, while dealing with space pirates. This show rules. Heck, I even like the dub! Be warned, if you watched the Cartoon Network version, the uncut version is much more adult-oriented.

Gene's a bit of a pervert, the characters will swear quite a bit, and there's a ton of bloodshed. In fact, one episode late in the series episode 23, Hot Springs Planet Tenrai was so raunchy that Cartoon Network couldn't even allow it! So if you're a parent, and your kid liked the Toonami version of O. Ultra Cool! Wingzero4u 6 February I did like it, it was pretty funny as well. I had to get this for my collection,and I did.

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But after buying the entire collection on DVD, it got a whole lot better. It was cool that they added some never before scenes. I also like all the funny jokes in the show like when Gene tries to kiss Jim in episode 9. I also liked the part where Gene dresses up like a girl to be in a fighting tournament.

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Those were the most funniest parts I've seen in the show. Another thing I liked in the show are the 2 characters Duuz, and Valeria who we will see in the spin off,the Angel Links I think it was cool to see them for the first time. Another thing I liked about the show is the theme song "Through the Night", that's one of my favorite songs in the show,and the 2nd ending theme"Tsuki No Le" What this show really tells us that the journey to fortune can be really rough.

We all have to have a dream,and work hard to achieve that goal. So in closing,after this show,check out the spin off, Angel Links. You will see what I mean. SoulfulFX 11 December I wouldn't say this is Outlaw star villains greatest anime of all times Watching Gene and Melfina gain a bond along with the others while dodging pirates and other sorts of disreputable villains is nothing new.

I highly recommend seeing this series If I said that this was one of the best anime's I ever watched as a kid I'd be telling the truth. This was and still is a superb anime in all s. As I saw this anime sitting on a lonely shelf with no future except being sent to a persons ebay and sold to someone who'd never watched it I picked it up.

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I got home and put it in at night. For several hours I saw the nostalgia flash through my mind again and then I saw the anime for what it was. The characters were memorable and quotable. The animation still holds up even in todays standard. It's not too long and makes it's mark in anime history. It's a poor mans Cowboy Beebop but where that anime stands Outlaw Star is higher.

It's too bad it's so underrated. Outlaw star villains favorite episode is the spa one and it's still the best space anime I've ever seen. Outlaw Star is on my top 5 list of favourite anime's even though I've only seen like 14 episodes which I have all taped on video due to Toonami having them on at 4 in the morning. Overall what I've seen is superb this is a fantastic anime, what I like about anime in the adventure genre they always have great characters which you fall in love with, light hearted comedy, great drama and fantastic action sequences I'm not reffering to every action adventure based anime by the way just most I've seen are like this.

Outlaw Star never gets boring I find myself being able to watch all the episodes I have over and over and never get sick off them.

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Excellence cliodna 7 July In my opinion, Outlaw Star is one of the greatest anime series that have ever been made. While I have seen only the English dubbed version, I hear nothing but rave reviews of the original which is for mature audiences only due to language and sexual innuendo. The characters are wonderful and unique, and the plot has a purpose, not to mention above average animation. What more can you ask for? A seemingly original anime When I saw this anime, I was fairly impressed.

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