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Originally posted by ironmanssugarbaby. Anon prompt: I feel like Bucky has a serious panty kink. Not wearing them, but he likes to use your panties to jack off. It was a big thing he did back then and it only got more aggressive with time. Just lock the door when you leave. He spun and looked around the kitchen, but his eyes went straight to the bedroom.

He bit his lip in anticipation of finally having open access to your dresser. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them as he walked into the bedroom. The hamper with dirty laundry was next to the closet. Bucky would start there. He flipped open the wicker lid and moaned at the sight. A freshly used pair of white cotton panties was on top. He moved his fingers with grace, making sure to pick them up by the side as to not contaminate the glorious center. Bucky brought the underwear to his nose and inhaled, as he sucked in the scent of you his cock grew harder in his pants.

He through his head back and rubbed the cloth against his nose, licking them as he imagined you wearing them. How you must have ran around all day, working, running errands. Did you get wet? Thinking about him? The thoughts were too Panty challenge tumblr and Bucky pulled his pants down, needing to stroke his throbbing cock.

His eyes darted to the little dresser and he rubbed your panties down his chin as he walked over, fisting himself. The dirty ones were safe, but he wanted to see your clean ones too. He wanted to picture your ass in every single pair. Bucky ran your used pair down his shirt until his hand ed the other and he pressed the tip of his dick into the fabric.

Then he gripped it with his hand and went back to stroking, running your panties up and down his shaft, squeezing himself harder and moving faster. His metal fingers got to the dresser and pulled the drawer open. He almost came at the sight. So many different types and colors.

Yellow thongs, black boy shorts, striped bikinis. He grabbed a fistful of as many as he could and brought them to his face, dropping them as they ran down his skin. He started going at an even faster pace, rubbing the fabric against his shaft as he visioned you dancing around in your panties, shaking your ass for him. The only one that avoided his semen was the dirty pair. He brought the dirty pair up to his nose and inhaled again. Your scent was coming off and he needed something stronger. Bucky grabbed all the ruined panties and went over to the hamper. Originally posted by bishopl.

Keep reading. Please do not read if that offends you. Chapter warnings: SMUT! Loss of virginity. Originally posted by beautyderek. Warnings: Rough smut, biting, dirty talk, choking…this has zero plot. Originally posted by sleepy-barnes. Thank you all for going on this ride with me. I hope it leaves you satisfied. Originally posted by spockvarietyhour.

Bucky lunged. You tried to get out of the way, but his Panty challenge tumblr was on your throat in a second. You brought your arm up like he taught you to chop it down. Then you moved your foot behind his knee to try and knock him to the ground. Originally posted by mynamesblurryfaceand. Recap: We left the last chapter with you getting out of the basement Panty challenge tumblr locked you in and him going to pick up a car.

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming. Something felt off. Bucky assumed someone was watching him at all times, it was how he managed to stay a step in front of Hydra. Now he was thinking instead of relaxing he should have expanded, opened up his shield enough to include her.

Request: Would you ever write anything with Bucky maybe non or dub-con with balls worshipping or teabagging? I can just imagine him stroking his cock and making the reader lick his balls. Originally posted by keepbuckybaby. Request: Bucky non-con punishment after a mission, Bucky dub-con angst, Bucky dub-con ex-boyfriend. Pairing: Bucky x Reader Also, my first attempt at gender neutral reader, so sorry if I screwed it up. Originally posted by mcu-one-shots.

His lips were everything you wanted. His teeth, even more. You cried out and arched your back as he bit into your clavicle. Posts Likes Ask Away! Submit a post Archive. Panty Raid Originally posted by ironmanssugarbaby Anon prompt: I feel like Bucky has a serious panty kink. Then he noticed his aim. Not the dirty pair in his hand though. He slid those in his pocket. They were going to his collection. This is pretty filthy Just a quick little drabble…. Originally posted by bishopl Keep reading. Reader story. It contains questionable consent. Words: Summary: You deal with the aftermath of your decision to flee into a snowstorm.

Originally posted by beautyderek Keep reading. Originally posted by sleepy-barnes Keep reading. Originally posted by spockvarietyhour Bucky lunged. Words: 5k Summary: You get a break from domestic bliss that does not go as planned Originally posted by mynamesblurryfaceand Keep reading. Warnings: Little dom smut scene, violence, Panty challenge tumblr Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming Something felt off. Priorities Request: Would you ever write anything with Bucky maybe non or dub-con with balls worshipping or teabagging? Warnings: Oral, ball worship, masturbation Ended up being consensual, sorry!

Originally posted by keepbuckybaby Keep reading. Never Again Request: Bucky non-con punishment after a mission, Bucky dub-con angst, Bucky dub-con ex-boyfriend Summary: Tried to combine all three! Originally posted by mcu-one-shots Keep reading. Answer The Question Request: Dark! Bucky interrogation drabble Pairing: Dark!

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