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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Oh yeah, totally! Not sure how that happened. By all means, please, keep telling us about that beautiful gay jacket that you worked so hard to make. You hum with sweet victory when his breathing stutters and hips jump up with excitement. Your lover follows shortly after, filling your mouth to the brim with a heavy load that tastes of him and only him.

Immediately, your gaze scopes out the room, only to land on your child hood best friend— accompanied by both his girlfriend and boyfriend. Hi, me again! If I get the chance Unexpected love is the best love. Soon, you can no longer remember a time before it encompassed your heart. You started out as best friends.

The kind that teased one another relentlessly, goofed around like idiots, and shared everything. Then came the night that changed everything. Two years later, Mikey was still your best friend and an amazing boyfriend. It was a typical Sunday night. A half empty pizza box sat between the two of you as Mikey played his online game and you relaxed with a face mask and TikTok videos.

You had practically moved in with him by this point, more of your things here in his room than your own paltry apartment. You both reached for another slice of pepperoni at the same time and bumped hands. You gave him your sweetest, most adorable smile, forgetting the goop on your face, as you tugged at the piece of pizza.

Mikey shook his head at you. Your smile widened and you thought you had him. Then the pizza was out of your hand and into his mouth. You just rolled your eyes. The timer went off on your phone. Time to go wash off the Pepperoni nips tumblr mud that was supposed to make your skin glow. As soon as you were out of the room, Mikey scrambled to check on everything one more time. Tonight was the night. He knew there was no one else he wanted to spend his life with and he was fairly certain that you felt the same. Still, a wave of Pepperoni nips tumblr swept over him. He wanted to do it all perfectly for you.

When he heard you coming back in, he jumped back over and grabbed his controller. You looked gorgeous. He set down the controller. It was time to put his plan in action. He gave a low whistle and smacked his lips. Leading you to the bed, he urged you to climb up to the middle. Climbing up onto the bed, he stalked towards you on all fours till you were forced to lay back. Hovering over you, he licked his lips.

Then he leaned down and licked your lips. You giggled and opened for him, but he just barely swiped his tongue under your upper lip. Another delicate lick to the corner of your mouth, a nibble to your pouty bottom lip, and a peck on your nose rounded it out. His lips trailed your cheek next, over to your ear, where he tugged your lobe with his teeth so gently, then down your neck to lick a light stripe across your collarbone.

Sitting up, he tugged at your top and tossed it aside. Settling back down, he lavished the same softly teasing attention to your breasts, rolling the buds, gently tonguing them. It was so different from how playful he was normally, you found yourself melting under his ministrations.

And yearning for some pressure and friction. When his tongue swirled around that sweet spot on your hip, you bucked. He chuckled low, and grabbed the edges of your shorts and underwear, dragging them down your legs and tossing them off to who knows where. Finally, you thought, reaching for his head with the sole intention of placing it at the juncture of your thighs that was already dripping for him. Mikey grasped your hands and pressed them down to the mattress.

He kept his eyes on yours as he kissed the inside of your thigh. Barely brushing his lips against your warm skin, a light sweep of tongue just so delicately applied in the crease where your thigh met your cunt. He breathed in deeply of your aroused scent, and breathed out a moist huff from his snout. The warmth of that breath sent goosebumps skittering all over your body as you held your breath awaiting his next move. You felt so deliciously feminine right now, and so incredibly turned on. You could feel the Pepperoni nips tumblr on the blanket below you, the evidence of the lust he was building so skillfully.

After what was mere moments, but felt like an eternity, Mikey leaned in the last couple of inches, and kissed the top of your mound. Then another kiss, and another, barely any pressure, down your slit. A deep growling churr rumbled up from his throat. You had heard him churr before, but this, this sound pierced your core and god, if he would just touch you where you needed it, you knew you would cum so fast, so hard.

You shuddered as you caught his gaze. Those baby blue eyes were more serious than you had ever seen them. Your pussy clenched with need. That massive tongue rolled out of his mouth, pressed just below your slit, and dragged straight up and over the top of your sex. Your hips nearly shot off the bed but he held them down and lapped straight up and over again, a little firmer with each pass. When you started to close your eyes, he huffed and growled again and you locked your gaze back onto his.

Mikey had always been adventurous in bed, right from the start, ready and willing to try anything but right now, the way he watched you as he devoured you was quickly becoming your undoing. This erotic game he had played, bringing you to the brink with the slightest of touches, demanding your full attention.

His tongue delving deep like he was mining for gold and determined to get every last bit. When he finally sucked your engorged clit into his mouth, you erupted with his name on your tongue and his head in your hands. You moaned and rocked your hips back and forth, pressing his mouth closer as he licked away all the evidence of your desire. You lay back, sweat glistened body sprawled across the bed while he sat up between your thighs looking no worse for wear. By the way precum was leaking heavily from his tip, he was just as affected by what he had been doing to Pepperoni nips tumblr.

You rubbed your thighs together in anticipation. Mikey smirked as he watched you squirm. Once again, he stalked you on the bed, but when he reached you, he tugged you up, pulling you into his lap. Wrapping your legs around his waist as he sat cross-legged, he penetrated you from below.

You both groaned as you slid down his shaft. He pressed his hands against your back, encouraging you Pepperoni nips tumblr rock and grind against him. Sliding a hand behind your head, he pulled you in for a toe-curling kiss.

His hot mouth traveled down the column of your neck, nipping and leaving marks as he went. The change from slow seduction to wanton abandon made your head dizzy. Another orgasm was building quickly. Your breath hitched as you rocked harder on his cock. Apparently, he could feel it too and grabbed at your ass to help move you along. Lifting you with those big arms and slamming you back down, churring every time. The moment your body stiffened in pleasure, he flipped you over and pounded you into the mattress.

You could do nothing but lay there as he filled you full of his hot cum. He rolled to the side to keep from crushing you, but pulled you close to his side, peppering your face and neck with kisses. You tiredly tried to kiss back, but found your body absolutely exhausted. When you could breathe normally again, you looked into his eyes and the love glowing there nearly took your air again. He brushed some sweaty hair out of your eyes. I could never imagine my life without you beside me. Your eyes were already filling with tears before he even popped it open. Oh my god, yes!!!!

Your hands shook as you helped him slide the ring on your finger. He trailed a finger down your side as he watched you admiring the sparkle. Then, he rolled over on top of you, catching you by surprise. He was sliding his hard again cock within your folds. And there was the Mikey you fell in love with, and now you would never be without. The prompt is bolded.

Pepperoni nips tumblr

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