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Generic selectors Search in excerpt. To this day the former singer and bass player of American Goth metal legends Type O Negative is dearly beloved and distinctly remembered by many. Not only for his musical legacy and his vampiresque looks, but also for his dark sense of humor, provocative views and his intense yet gentle personality. Back from the dead, so it appears. Four years after the release of their last and what seemed to be their final album World Coming Down the Casket Crew from Brooklyn unexpectedly gives birth to an exciting new record. Vocalist and bass player Peter Steele uncovers how this album was conceived and opens up about ex-girlfriends and past mistakes, political correctness and sexual desires, sickness and age, family and flaws.

How have you spent the past four years? With cocaine and alcohol. The usual… Well, not anymore. The last time we met, you were in an awful condition. How are you feeling today? Also, your last album World Coming Down is extremely frustrating in many ways.

I agree, very negative, very depressing. But that was the person I was back then. I had a drug problem and an alcohol problem. Additionally, I started to comprehend the death of my father — although he had passed in already. I had relationship problems, stress with our record Peter steele playboy and with our management… All of this weighed me down and influenced my song writing.

The album was the best I was capable of back then. From what I understood back then, you had to release these things in order to be able to continue at all… Exactly, that is correct. Having to play these songs afterwards and being reminded of how miserable you felt: Why you would do that to yourself? I am a masochist, I suppose.

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It almost seem like you would like to apologize to your band and your fans for World Coming Down? Yes, indeed, I do. I was so self-centred and egoistic back then, that today I have the feeling I have disappointed some of my fans because I have not met a certain level of quality.

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With this new album I wanted to become more diverse. However, it also has many humorous sides. I just dig this kind of music, because it represents an aspect of my personality. I had the idea for the lyrics because after I had done the pictures for Playgirl seven years ago, many fans approached me with the magazine and asked for my autograph.

Among them were many homosexual men. As they were handing me the magazine I could feel how some s were stuck together, you know? And they were slipping me their phone. However, I do exclusively give these compliments back to women. Suck my dick! Sorry, please excuse Peter steele playboy language.

Did it make you angry? Do you have homosexual friends who have heard the song? Yes, my sister. She had a good laugh. I like the color green. What am I then? A greenist? Relax, people! I just like it green. Jesus Christ! Americans are extremely strict when it comes to political correctness.

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I hate that. Come up with the appropriate term, please! Please tell me about the song Angry Inch.

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It is a musical film with very humorous dialogues. The whole band loves the movie, the songs, the story. But there will always be people who hate you, no matter who or how you are. There are many songs that deal with suffering, ageing and grieving on Life Is Killing Me. The song Nettiefor example, is about your mother who suffers from a severe case of diabetes.

How do you cope with seeing your mother in pain? She is in the hospital right now and will most likely lose one of her feet. Ever since I have learned to take nobody and nothing for granted. And as soon as somebody falls ill, you think: Shit, here we go again. Exactly… that is how I feel at the moment. Are you afraid of death? No, not personally.

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That goes down every six months, but every time it happens, it happens too soon. Because I was a coward, I have to suffer from it now. It is almost as if I have developed an obsession with death and loss ever since. Do you visit his grave? I was there twice. There is something, that makes it even more complicated. Be a man! Yes, I did. Under the pretence to help people, many doctors earn themselves a fortune. Now, that my mother is in the hospital again, it happens again.

That was another one of those stupid hardcore tracks that I had written for the record. It will be our first single. No idea. I have not put too much time and effort into the Peter steele playboy, just smashed them together.

There a a few lines that mean something, for example this verse about falling to sleep in the snow and never waking up again. That has to do with cocaine and that I hate myself for being too weak and not able to deal with my drug addiction. It is hard to kick a habit and stop using all of a sudden. It gets better. A track that sounds very much October Rust is Anesthesia. Another song about drugs and alcohol. It strangely enough feels like a love song. Have you ever contemplated suicide when you were feeling really bad?

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Of course. Because I am a coward.

Peter steele playboy

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