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Watch Movie Tailer. This movie surely enough could surely get a vast amount of opinions. It's racist. It's bi-ist. It's not at all like Mo'Nique. Whatever here is what I thought of it. Mo'Nique portrays what it is like to be a bigger girl in America. This movie has a strong message. It's about learning to love yourself no matter what size,shape,color,or anything you are. Mo'Nique's comedy is based around race,plus-sized gals,and many other factors. For her not to intertwine that in her movie would disappoint me. I recommend this movie for anyone who doesn't feel good about their weight.

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It's uplifting and cute. Worth a watch with your best gals. This is truly a fugly movie for any people. I'm guessing the director himself is "phat" This is the actual movie which with make at least 5 people walk out of the movie theater, ending up killing someone on their way out. And I was one of those people except I didn't kill anyone. I can't imagine anyone seeing this movie more than once unless they were paid large amount of money to do so. I still wouldn't waste my time watching this even if it's preview. The only thing that put me off giving it a 10 is, that i thought i was to short!!

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And i think Mo'Nique Jazmin Biltmore is great in every way possible!!. There are a lot of really really bad movies out there that really suck : glitter,rambo and lots others but this one is really good and thats a fact!!!!. Its just pathetic too pick on a movie. And its even more pathetic too attack a person on a message-board or forum that is only doing her job i smell jealousy.

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I don't think she Mo'Nique Jazmin Biltmore gives a rats ass what you think about her or write about her and thats whats so great about her. I think she is laughing all the way to the bank. But anyways i think this movie and Mo'Nique Jazmin Biltmore is great and very very funny. Thats all folks. You would download the torrent file directly in these sites.

Yes, please open the new windows. Home Movie Genres. Phat Girlz Two plus-sized ladies meet the men of their dreams in the most unexpected of ways. IMDB: 3. Genre: Comedy Quality: p Size: Magnet Download. The Synopsis for Phat Girlz p Two plus-sized ladies meet the men of their dreams in the most unexpected of ways. Websites for Downloading yify-torrent.

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Phat girlz torrent

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In 'Phat Girlz,' empowerment is entertaining