Phil fusco naked

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Philip is one of the most beautiful boys with his dreamy vulnerable and sensitive looks. Cock too short? What rubbish! Sure it gets large enough!

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It complements his beauty. It seems so ideal. Most penises are actually around his size when flaccid, despite what the mainstream gay porn industry shows us. He is a walking wet dream for many…his dick may be short but definitely very thick. He is a good guy just like Joseph Sayers,humble and sweet. I agree with prasad, it gets tired to hear all these lazy bottom size queens wining about the dicks never being big enough for their overly used holes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nude Body Keeping on the full frontal theme, the oh so ever popular and stunning Philip Fusco is at it once again, and this time we see him in all his glory, in a small series of full frontal shots, Phil fusco naked to We Love Nudes for allowing me to stumble upon these great shots!

Philip Fusco has been modeling for quite some time now and have been featured on this blog many times before. What is there not to adore about Philip?

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Phil fusco naked

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