Pregnant video game characters

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Pregnancy is the one storyline that video games have always tried to avoid because of how difficult it is to cover such a delicate topic.

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Since most video games have violence in some form, storylines in gaming tend to focus more on the tragic aspects of life instead of the positive ones. However, there have been quite a few successful video games that featured pregnancy by either including it as a main character's overall storyline or by using it to bring more emotion to a player's physique.

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If a gamer gets lost in the story, adding a pregnancy can set that person over the edge emotionally, keeping them locked into the Pregnant video game characters. We found the 18 times this has happened in gaming. Warning: Many Spoilers Ahead! Even the titles of the games can be considered spoilers so be warned! In the early chapters of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kingsyou find yourself in a situation at Loredo's headquarters Pregnant video game characters you battle your way into a tower that features a heavily abused and beaten elven woman named Moril.

She is also pregnant, and near the final stages of her pregnancy. She barely gets out the building when her water breaks and Ves is forced to deliver the baby. However, the damage has already been done and Moril ends up perishing shortly after the birth. It was a side quest that had a ton going on for the game. Two of the most famous female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, show up as regulars in Assassin's Creed: Black Flagand they both have a storyline that reveals itself just before their lives come to an end. After being captured, and standing in front of an audience listening to their death sentence being read out, Mary reveals that they are both pregnant, which prevents their death by hanging, for the time being.

They are allowed to give birth to the children while in prison and then give them up. Although it is a side mission, "The Wronged Woman" turns out to be one of the most important in the game because it forces Marston to make a choice that he has not had to make in the past. He is presented with a woman, Clara, who has been kicked out of Blackwater because she was pregnant with from an unknown father, who she claims is Harold Thornton.

It turns out to be a controversial moment as Marston would later find out that Clara was conning him the whole time just to get him to rob Harold. Yharnam, Queen of the ancient Pthumerian civilization, has one of the most memorable storylines on our list because of how disturbing, and incredibly sad, the entire interaction with her is. When you encounter Yharnam, you'll be startled by the screams of a crying baby. When you battle Yharnam, her pregnancy helps you figure out which one of her clones is the real deal, but that is nothing compared to the screams of you cannot escape.

Imagine being a beautiful young teenage girl trapped inside a castle of horror where every single resident only has one goal: to either slay you or impregnate you. That is the case for Fiona, who is the protagonist in Haunting Ground. The castle's keeper, Riccardo, who has been considered her uncle, eventually impregnates her off-screen. This is only one of the many different endings that you can unlock by making certain choices throughout the game.

There are not many things scarier than a demon who plans to give birth to another demon that is going to devour all of the children in the world. Lilith's plan before we ever met her in the game was to give birth to a race of demons she was going to call "Lilim. Although she looks like a beautiful woman with long blond hair, it is a disguise to help her pregnancy with Mundus' child seem very real. But the demon inside her is violently trying to escape and once he does, he consumes Lilith into his belly. In the sequel to one of the greatest video game franchises of all time, we are introduced to a new assassin by showing us a glimpse of his past.

This flashback includes showing us Ezio being born from Maria. It showed us just where he came from and that his parents were also highly trained assassins of the infamous Assassin's Order. Blake's wife, Lynn, ends up becoming pregnant so fast that it ends up taking her life, but that is not the part of the story that is the oddity.

Rather, it is the war between the two cults over her that is just plain weird. Two rival cults believe her to be pregnant with Satan and are bent on sacrificial her in a ritual that ends up apparently works since we only get to see her later on when she is giving birth. This was one of the most surprising revelations in video game history because of how serious this storyline was for a fighting game that never really focused on more emotional moments.

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No one was ready to hear about Ken's wife being pregnant and watching him battle with himself. His biggest concern is being there for the birth and he is not quite sure if he will make it back in time. After the ending of the first Wolfenstein game, we pick right up with an opening montage that features about a five month time frame where we get to see Anya become pregnant with B. This is one of the only times you are going to see a pregnant woman fighting alongside her people, wielding weapons and Pregnant video game characters shooting up her enemies. The flaming top moment is one of her shining highlights in the game.

After being abused and beaten by her violent boyfriend, Tuesday is a woman that has changed her name and appearance to escape his violence and save her unborn. She eventually meets Jodie, who ends up helping with the birth of the. Jodie's assistance in the birth of Tuesday's child was enough to help turn the lives of her and her homeless friends around. Victor is not much of a winner. He was known to be a slacker that struggled finding work.

He is the game's main character and when we meet him, he is moving into his new apartment with his pregnant wife Alicia. But what makes this game so weird is that the pregnancy of his wife is not as odd as his mother's pregnancy. Victor ends up shrinking himself down and entering his mother to talk to himself as a womb. Jasmine was a chorus girl that was tricked Pregnant video game characters believing life was better in Rapture by Andrew Ryan, her sugar daddy.

After becoming his mistress, Jasmine ended up moving into the luxurious apartments of Olympus Heights where she eventually gets impregnated by Ryan. Because she no longer wanted to be financially dependent on Ryan, Jasmine decided to sell the fetus to Frank Fontaine. This deal le to Ryan slaying Jasmine, leaving us to witness the final of the tragedy. If you want to beat Dragon Age: Originsthen you have to deal with a fairly short quest titled Morrigan's Ritual, which has major implications in The Final Battle outcome against Archdemon.

This game allows you to make your own choices and deciding whether to go through with the act is entirely on the user. If you do, then Morrigan will you for the final battle against Archdemon. If not, she leaves and you will fight him without her help. Heather Mason carries the seed of God inside her and is now at a later stage in the pregnancy when we see her.

But that is just the beginning of this story. Claudia Wolf ends up slaying Harry Mason to torment Heather so God can feed off the hatred and anger she has for Claudia. The entire goal is to keep Heather alive so she can give birth to God, but rather than giving birth to this so-called "God," Heather takes a pill that forces her to throw up the fetus instead.

This is an ending no one was really expecting. The main character, Beckett, ends up strapped to the Telesthetic Amplifier, making him hallucinate and fight Sgt. Keegan's phantoms. While he is going through this hallucination, Alma is in the process forcing his seed in her.

Although he wakes up and defeats her, he later sees Alma very much pregnant with his child as it whispers, "Mommy. On the floor of Harley Quinn and Joker's steel mill, there are pregnancy tests everywhere, one of which is positive. But that was only a teaser in Batman: Arkham City.

Then, in the Harley Quinn DLC pack, they show a ton of the same tests only this time they all say negative.

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But she was not just pregnant during D-Day, she was pregnant while also being the leader of the Cobra Unit that was responsible for America's victory overseas. The birth of her child resulted in the Philosophers taken him away from her. This caused a tension between The Boss and the Philosophers which led to the eventual disbandment of the elite Cobra unit. That pregnancy the basis for the future of the Metal Gear Solid series.

This became quite the controversy because it led to countless rumors that she was pregnant but it was never confirmed. Since some people never played the DLC packs, they never knew about the negative tests and were left assuming they wanted us to think she was actually pregnant. Jena could have been the wife of Jason Derulo's dreams, but fans knew better.

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Pregnant video game characters

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Pregnant Game Characters