Prison school fat guy

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This is one of the first anime that introduced me to the ecchi genre.

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Yes, it is everything you expected. But, if you just expected only bondage play and fanservice, you will be pleasantly surprised by the charming characters and clever plot. The story is about a the first group of males at an all girls school who get arrested by the student council and sent to prison. Hence prison school.

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Then, through twelve episodes it is a blend of prison break and random comedy scenes and funny interactions between the guards and inmates. Every time I was wondering how far the concept would be taken and it endured for twelve episodes. The strength is in the characters.

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Amoung the inmates, there are the fat guy, nerdy guy, creepy guy, audience avatar, and main protagonist. Their interaction is hilarious. For instance, it never gets old to see the nerd shamelessly call himself "yours truly".

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The dub voice acting in English made it much more entertaining and they sound like cartoon characters. The big guy talks with a high nasal voice and the guy with a hood over his face talks with a low gutter voice. Plus they curse. I have rewatched several episodes and it is a great anime to listen to or just watch.

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It lives up to its repuation as an entertaining and ecchi anime series. You must be logged in to leave comments. Weeapoop ed Jul 26, Follow 4 Followers 2 Following.

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Prison School Dec 17, Read other reviews of Prison School. Follow 0 this review is Funny Helpful.

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Prison school fat guy

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