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Amanda Demurjian Guertin, who is in the process of purchasing a new home and took to multiple platforms to list the rental of her existing home -- but not Craigslist -- said she was shocked when she discovered someone posted her listing on Craigslist.

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Also, what is wrong with this world! That was a couple of weeks ago.

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It was a young couple. They said we heard it was for rent -- I'd rented it out last week -- and they said they saw the ad on Craigslist. And the guy wanted the rent for the first month sent to him.

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So when they saw my car, they knocked. They were so sweet and I felt terrible," said Guertin.

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My poor dog," said Guertin. People have been on the property, taking pictures, poking in the windows. I know Craigslist has on the posts to not send money, but these people are desperate -- some people have to move, you don't know why -- and they have a limited budget, and they see the price listed," said Guertin.

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I found apartments, roommates, and furniture on Craigslist -- but I couldn't now," said Guertin. There has to be a human component.

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