Pull over dat ass too fat

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Rapper Whoop - Ha ha ha, That bitch got ass that ass for hell yeah Manpull that hoe over that bitch got'sta get a ticket. Trina Dumps in tha trunk, thighs like what Aint there no hoe got more booty in the butt Sisco made that song when you see me in a thongthongthongthong, thong I know you like it when the booty go, Like a pro Whoop-Whoop Snatch him off the bed throw him on the floor Turn on the camers start the freek show This ass even make Black Rob say Whoa I got a fat ass naw nigga can pass up Juvenile could'nt even back this ass up Hold if ya know little mamma fill ya mode And i gotta fat ass and i know how to twurk it You wanna fuss 20 G's Was'nt enough Keys to the mansion, keys to the truck What, yall know whats up Aint near no hoe got more booty in the butt.

Trina Who got more ass than the average bitch Whoop-Whoop You know whos the baddest bitch Ima ten in the face, and slim in the waiste Fat in the ass, do you wanna taste Rock to the face ima make you drop Whoop-Whoop Trina fixin to make you hot, huh Me and the girls in the club's clownin Go back to the old school dodo brown M-I-A-M-I baby, Slip and slide and im goin crazy Cause my hips ferm and tight, just right And if the price is right, i just might.

Trina Ill flash wit, fat ass wit, get cash wit I start to Backining And ima face wit my mama gave me Little mama's dont pay so you gotta pay me Im the baddest bitch you gotta admit that 69 ways, you know im wit that And ima shake my money maker And ima shake this thang like a salt shaka Cause Pull over dat ass too fat aint nothin wrong with the bump and grind When i pull this thing up jump behind WHoop-Whoop Ride like a Choo-Choo train Whoop-Whoop Little mama fixin to do this thang Whoop-Whoop Front back and side to side Whoop-Whoop Thats how you slip and slide Whats sup little daddy trick the fat cat Represented from a girl wit the fat back Whoop-Whoop.

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Pull over dat ass too fat

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Pull Over That Ass Too Fat lyrics