Rat face girl

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Amongst all the gifts out there, you may find trouble for that one person on your list. She probably has a mullet or has considered getting one. Goth girls have had pet rats in TV and film for years.

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Obvi since Wussy is a Queer publication, I need to make a point that gender is a scam and anyone regardless of gender can identify as a rat girl. So if your hard-to-shop-for person is an emaciated fag with green hair, rest assured all these gifts still apply. Check out these overalls from Unifand crop top from Dolls Kill or these skinny jeans from Hot Topic the home of rat girls for decades now. For the girly Rat Girl.

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It takes a lot of money to look this cheap. Help your rat girl stock up on glitter, dark eyeliner, peachy blush, and whatever else she wants to Rat face girl on her face with a Sephora Gift card. This site lets you customize one!

Here are two that can also play music via Bluetooth or an aux cord. Not all witches are rat girls but all rat girls wish they were witches. Let her feel her fantasy with a tarot deck. She can give her friends readings while she looks up what each card means online. This deck has rats on it! Make it fun and Instagramabble with a Lush Bath Bomb. This Elf or Pirates Chest will fit her aesthetic.

Odds are the rad is looking for something to read while her pet crawls all over her. Her history of the 90s feminist punk movement should be required reading for Rat Girls everywhere. You can find a copies of both online but check your local bookstore! Mo Wilson is a writer and sometimes DJ living in Brooklyn. You can find him on Twitter sadgayfriendx and Instagram at djgaypanic. A new online magazine covering queer nightlife, art, and culture in Atlanta and greater southeast.

Checkered Clothing. Pleated skirt For the girly Rat Girl. Chain Jewelry. Sephora Gift Card It takes a lot of money to look this cheap. Surfbort T-Shirt. A Weighted Blanket. A Good Book! Address. Up. Almost there!

Rat face girl

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Rat Face Girl