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The Sex Inspectors is a late night UK TV show that focuses on sex therapy for couples facing difficulties with their relationship. The show is presented by Tracey Cox and Michael Alvear and is supposed to help couples by offering ways to spice up their relationships and sex lives. The most insteresting for them is the infra red camera hidden in the bedroom to record the couple while they are having sex. After a few days of monitoring, Tracey and Michael meet the couple to tell them what they are doing wrong and what they have to do to improve themselves.

At First, I thought it was a great show because it deals with emotional issues to solve the sex problems and cement a couple back together. Then I started thinking about all the consequences those images can cause. The first thing that came to my mind was the way their relatives or co workers will look at them after seeing this. As if this is going to help them solve their sex problems. Why do they have to impose this upon themselves?

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The show is setting up new norms, as if sex was repeatable and there was an answer for all situations. People might think that the Sex Inspectors are the answer when they feel their marriage is going down the drain. They might put too much hope on sex and feel that this treatment is the answer to all their problems.

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This brings up two eventualities: Even Though sex works out in front of the inspectors because they give tips and confidence, what happens when they are gone? People might not do it the way they were told, and think that there is something wrong with them.

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Or, it might not work at all. The psychological consequences can be huge and devastating. This show gives false hope to people in distress.

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This might put to a higher level the sexual anxiety. See realityshowsmakemegowow-blog's whole Tumblr.

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