Reelmagik prosthetic review

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Whilst there, we discovered a of incredibly innovative companies who are dedicated to improving the lives of trans people through the development of their products. One such company was Reelmagik. Originally created in the early s the company began life by offering film quality, special effects prosthetics and Halloween masks to the general public.

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Using foam latex, gelatin, and silicone, Reelmagik quickly gained a reputation for its extremely detailed sculpting and realistic colour variation. When a friend approached the company with a very special asment, it would steer them in an altogether Reelmagik prosthetic review direction.

The likes of which had never before been seen by the trans community:. I was excited to help and began experimenting with materials and techniques that I would have normally employed for the special effects film products I had been creating for years.

My friend was delighted and insisted that I offer these FTM Packers to the public, to help others who were in need of something to relieve their dysphoria. We quickly received a huge amount of interest in the FTM Packers, and a of requests for additional sizes. With enthusiasm for the product increasing each day, we decided to split the website in half and dedicate a major section of it to meet the needs of our trans masculine audience. Since we have been steadily adding more models, sizes, and types of prosthetics to Reelmagik and have slowly moved away from the Halloween prosthetics and masks, while building an entirely new website in order to focus fully on our FTM lineup.

Keep an eye on our website for some brand new, never before seen, products for the trans and non-binary communities! Find out more about our services for transmasculine people. For a sneak preview click on the images below. How can i get one for myself? They can be glued, ReelMagik offers an adheasive on their website.

However, I would suggest checking out Gender Cat for the adhesive Reelmagik prosthetic review. The stand and pee function seems truly amazing. Surgery is really a far cry for me. How can I get one of these for myself and what would they cost? Hi, If you contact ReelMagic directly they will be able to help. Hello, could you please tell me what color is the dark color in this picture, what reel magik refrence is please, that you helpe a lot.

Hi, This image was provided by Reel Magik themselves. If you share the link with them or the image they will be able to help. Tweets by GenderGP. Our Help Centre. Thando on 24th November at pm. Mark on 25th November at pm. Hey, do you have any way of contacting? So I can tell you Reply.

Anonymous on 10th December at am. Where can I get one? Tenique on 22nd February at am. Chris on 14th March at pm. Anonymous on 8th April at pm. Are these only available in the usa? Steven Roman on 27th May at pm. How much are they Reply. Shaun on 18th January at pm.

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Can these be glued on Thank you Reply. Anonymous on 10th February at am. Only thing with using the adhesive sheets is it voids the warranty Reply. Sizwe on 20th January at pm. I am in need of the stand to pee packer. I am in South Africa. You can contact me on my. Yazdaan on 2nd February at pm. GenderGP on 8th February at am. Hello, could you please tell me what color is the dark color in this picture, what reel magik refrence is please, that you helpe a lot Reply. Kim E on 2nd May at pm. Comment Name. Looking for something? Search for:.

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Reelmagik prosthetic review

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