Rick and unity cosplay

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Rick And Morty has easily become one of the most popular Adult Swim cartoons that is currently airing on Cartoon Networkand while the usual cosplay we see in the wild will focus on the titular stars, today's entry takes a look at the one time bizarre girlfriend to Rick that is actually a body swapping entity known as Unity.

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While Unity only was featured in one episode of the series in the second episode, she left a lasting impression on the characters of the series and took us further into the psyche of the mad scientist known as Rick Sanchez. During the episode, Rick revealed that he had once had a past relationship with Unitymaking for quite the story considering Unity wasn't reed within a single body.

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With the parasitic organism essentially taking over all the life on the alien world, it created some hilarious scenarios for Rick and Unity as they tried to find the spark that was lost between them following their initial relationship. Ultimately, Unity left Rick since she felt that he hadn't grown up following their initial relationship and sent him spiraling down a more introspective route across the season, and its following installments. Rick and Morty recently saw the end of its fourth seasoncontinuing the bizarre and hilarious adventures of the Sanchez clan, but fans were at ease as it wasn't only confirmed that the series would be gone for too long but it has also been renewed for several new seasons in the future of Adult Swim.

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Rick and unity cosplay

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