Rubber pants punishment

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Rubber regression punishment. Rubber discipline for a bedwetting boy. RE: Rubber regression punishment. Is that a cape you are holding? I am holding the old hospital red rubber bedsheet from a German boys home, 70 years old. I shall soon be sleeping on it! Nanny is wearing the rubber gloves.

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I think wearing rubbers and plastics as a way of disciplining boys is often overlooked. It's really effective and works in multiple ways: it adds protection if a diaper isn't enough. But the smooth and enclosed sensations also make sure a boy stays docile and aware of his status at all times. As my diaper discipline progressed, I had to wear more and more plastic clothes until I wore them every night. As humiliating as it was and how much I hated it at first, it did suppress my last bits of rebellion and made me accept my discipline.

Your nanny is very wise to keep you fully dressed in rubbers, especially around bedtimes Practical, noisy, sissy and fetish- what more does one need? Also very very smart and an absolutely ideal outfit in which to be thrashed with that lovely whippy cane.

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I do hope that you are going to be strapped down so that your your punishment is able to be accurately placed to give you nice even, deep red stripes? If this is a punishment suit, it is missing a hood and gag. A gag is essential when being whipped to prevent any unwanted howling Then, when I was still a teenager, I didn't understand why. Now I know that babies' pants used to be made of rubber. I bought myself a pair of supposedly authentic 'rubbers' a while ago.

I must admit they're very nice to wear. A huge fan of both "rubbers" and plastic panties. I favour sheathed rubber panties with a soft plastic nappy over the top and adore the way they slip and slide over each other as they warm up.

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Even in my cage I can almost cum by just rubbing and the amount of pre-cum is enormous. Just as well the pants are both waterproof

Rubber pants punishment

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