Runaway bride gta 5

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Location: Vicinities of the church in the Great Chaparral location, in the central part of the map, to the West of Sandy Shores. Stop where you notice a bride to learn that she has left her man standing at the altar. She will ask you to give her a lift home. Unfortunately, you need to keep in mind that, soon after the journey starts, the enraged groom will set off after you.

I recommend against responding with fire to his attempts to push you off the road, because shooting the groom will prematurely end the whole event.

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Instead, focus on flawless drive and consider taking a ride off-road, thanks to which you will earlier lose the groom's car and you will be able to reach your destination unbothered. Note - if you are playing as Trevor, there is an alternative way to complete this mission. You can take the bride to the Altruist cult's headquarters, located at the foot of Mount Chiliad in the North-Western part of the map letter A on the world map. For delivering the man to the Altruist cult, you will be rewarded with dollars.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Grand Theft Auto 5 Guide. Random events. Hitchhiker - 4. Table of Contents. You need to park near the bride and wait for her to get into the car.

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You can easily lose the groom's car by riding over the wilderness. Introduction Basics. Cars, motorcycles - how to use? Boats - how to use?

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Airplanes, helicopters - how to use? Equipment - how to choose? Money - how to make quickly? Properties - how to buy? Stock Exchange - how to play? Police - how to run away? User Interface First-person mode Radio stations Game editions.

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Main characters. Franklin Michael Trevor Characters skills. Choices and endings. Choices during robberies Endings. Friendships and Love Affairs. Basic information Chop.

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The most interesting places. Most interesting places - map Government facilities Los Santos Other interesting places. Easter eggs - map Best weapons Unique Vehicles. Melee fights Firearms fights Fights using vehicles. Activities, Entertainment.

How long is the game? Achievements, trophies Secret achievements System requirements for PC. Strangers and Freaks missions. Richards The Last One. Property missions. Murder Mystery. Other Quests. Introduction Activities. Cinema Strip Clubs Prostitutes. Grand Theft Auto Online.

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Runaway bride gta 5

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