Runescape is gay

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Recently in the forums of another online game, there was a discussion about homosexuals and i found that the community Runescape is gay that game seemed to be completely against it, someone even said "Homosexuality is a mental illness. I get the impression that Runescape has a friendly and much less ignorant community but i could be wrong. How do the players of Runescape feel about this hot topic? Please vote in the Poll! Homosexuals are just as likely to play RuneScape as anyone else.

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. Whatever you are trying to say, I think you need to reword so it is clearer. If you're saying ppl are accepting of others' proclivities, I would have to disagree completely with that.

The typical kid that plays always finds a way to insult someone by spelling G and A and Y or some other similar nonsense. Since I mostly talk to adults, this doesn't occur in my circle of friends. But you can't go 10 minutes of fishing in Catherby without someone saying something stupid. Okay, this shouldn't be an issue. And two, people should keep such things to themselves. The Runescape community is about Runescape, not flaming people.

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These kinds of issues go on in the real world, if they are being dragged into a game, thats sad. They are free to do what they wan'tmostly gay people are more friendly than those guys that think RS is their life. If you think that rs shouldnt allow people who are.

My sexual orientation isn't up there. Put "Asexual" in the second poll. Also, please say "Heterosexual" instead of "Straight". If heterosexuality is "straight", is that meant to imply that homosexuality is "crooked"? It depends on the person whether they're tolerant of homosexuality or not. I remember one time a guy kept asking me out and after telling him no for the th time I finally just said.

This is one of them topic I've many amusing punch-lines to say and I just can't pick one. Anyhow, thing about Runescape is, everything is gay. An ongoing parade of gay bashing year old homophobes in general, so a full fledged homosexual can't go and demand Jagex to acknowledge him and his buddies. One thing that did get my full attention is that quote you brought. I can spill wonders about people who believe homosexuality is an illness while their high-ranking church buddies are known child molesters, but I won't.

Let's just say that people who think that, are very likely to end up like the cured guy from this Runescape is gay.

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Anyhow though I thank you for the award I'm afraid I must contradict you. You see, that was a catholic thing. Not all christians are catholic and most that aren't are less hypocritical than they are. No offence, Runescape is gay if you think that, your a moron. Go back to the beginning of rs2 and look at now. Its scary how much the attitude of the game has deteriorated. What's asexual? My personal belief is that it is morally unnacceptable. However, since that is my personal belief, and also influenced by my religion, I do not hold it against someone if they are of a different orientation than I.

However much I personally do not like that, holding it against them would be discrimination. But why cant Homosexuals enjoy runescape? They are people after all. And thinking differentley shows youre a retarded waste of life. I'm straight, but people should be able to do what they want with their lives as long as its not hurting others.

Asexuality means that you don't like having sex. Not with anybody. Not girls, not boys. Of any species. Never mind about hetero- vs. Until now that is. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Is it okay? Recommended Posts. Posted July 12, edited.

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Edit: I'm sorry, that really didn't make a lot of sense. Edited July 12, by phillihp. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 12, Do you mean NPCs or players?? And I don't think there are very many homosexuals playing Runescape Make a poll please. Twist of Fate One of the port phasmatys docks has a lot of male ghost sailors on it Is that what you mean? Mephistopheles 0. Rangerover18 0. If you think that rs shouldnt allow people who are Runescape is gay to play, that's almost like discriminating against them, and jagex can get sued for that Kovu 0.

My sexual orientation isn't up there Put "Asexual" in the second poll. I really don't think it matters in RuneScape. Pies 0. My sexual orientation isn't up there :. Party Pete is coming on to me. Tyra 0. DeeKay 0. Posted July 13, edited. Edit: The Courage award goes for the guy who voted he's bi.

Edited July 13, by DeeKay. Posted July 13, Zachorayi 0. Amber 0. My sexual orientation isn't up there : Put "Asexual" in the second poll. Gackt 1. Edited July 13, by Epic Hobo. Lilich Jr 0. We have officially run out of topics to discuss. The Jeff 0. I fail to see how sexual orientation matters in an online game. Goggie Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now. In Up. I accept.

Runescape is gay

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