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A few coworkers keep asking me to go with them to the club, but I have a few questions first. For background, I'm 19 years old, male, never been to a club before. Overall, does it have a good reputation? No outstanding violent occurrences or dangers? They told me it was a gay club. As far as atmosphere goes, does it make any difference that I'm straight, or do people not care? Straight guy here. Been a few times. It's fun, it's fine. Some guys may want to dance, if they ask or try and you're not into it just say no thanks and you'll be fine.

Straight guy here as well. It's a cool place, just be prepared for a lot of sweaty often shirtless dudes S4 dallas club the dance floor. And you may get the occasional butt grab. As long as you're aware that it's a place that gay guys can assume you're gay initially and don't get all weird about being hit on you're fine.

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The drag shows there are legendary if you wanna see something new. But I'd recommend staying away from the first few rows because they do looooooove to tease newbie straight guys.

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Me and a buddy went with our girlfriends. Definitely agree with the other comments about leaving with a higher self confidence. Nicest people there for sure. They don't seem to mind the straight guys. I have heard from some members of the gay community they don't like the straight girls though. I go every weekend.

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You'll be just fine. So you're straight huh? If the host of the drag show asks you to pull your dick out with the spotlight on you It's free cover on Fridays if you know the password, which is easy to get if you their facebook group. They post it on the wall. It is a friendly place. Securitybartenders, the people are generally all good natured. Very rarely will you run into meathe or douches.

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I went there for my 18th birthday this past March! We went to a drag show, and it was amazing. The queens were actually really really good and the host Cassie is fucking hilarious. After the show we went downstairs and danced. The DJ was awesome and nobody was creepy. All my friends are straight and nobody there cared at all. Overall it had a very fun, welcoming atmosphere even for a club newbie like me :. Nobody under 21 can drink from an open cup- and they will kick you out if you are caught even if S4 dallas club just water. My older friend got a free cup of water and let me have a sip, and the bartender warned me that I should be kicked out for that but she'd let it slide cause she served it and knew it was just water.

Everyone under 21 must purchase a bottle of water, which kinda sucks but rules are rules I guess. I absolutely loved it here. My group of friends guys and girls all straight came for a night out and it was the best club we've ever been to. We are all in our young to mid 30's.

We loved how spacious it was. Need to take a break from dancing but don't want to leave? Step out on the huge patio for a smoke and sit a minute. Drag show was good. Drinks and bartenders were great. Found the internet! Anyone have any info on the Station 4 club?

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Anything else you think I should know? Thank you for your help!

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread. We promise we won't bite! I felt kind of embarrassed after the fact. Overall it had a very fun, welcoming atmosphere even for a club newbie like me : Edit: I forgot to add that they are VERY strict with their underage drinking rules. More posts from the Dallas community. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming community to all of our users whether they are longtime residents of DFW, newcomers, curious redditors, or just visiting. Created Oct 17, Top posts june 20th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

S4 dallas club

email: [email protected] - phone:(228) 166-3728 x 6114

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