Sabrina p all over 30

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Sabrina was only 34 when she started. On the back of 11 hard years of work in tech corporate jobs, traveling across Asia, she realised one night that her vanity graveyard was the last straw. At the time a mother of 2 toddlers suffering from eczema, she was the epitome of the time-starved high-performing modern woman whose skincare just did not serve her needs.

Sabrina set herself a task — outsmart this outdated view of beauty as a leisurely pampering ritual and bring it up to speed for a -oriented data-driven entrepreneur who needed reliable speed and quality. She knew her market well. Sabrina went to Japan to find answers in its world-class labs and skin doctors. You can only have one active ingredient.

The experts responded — active ingredients encapsulated and suspended in a hydrating base serum. To increase effectiveness and use marine technology, Skin Inc created their proprietary algae-based encapsulation of active and potent ingredients into the customized serums. Later on, Skin Inc launched our NASA-inspired LED Trilight Voyager, a device that increases absorption of skincare by x, Sabrina was able to launch products that reduced the guesswork of skincare ingredients, while ificantly boosting its performance. A perfect marriage of customization, marine tech using the proprietary encapsulation and high-tech technology using LED tech.

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Rebooting beauty, Sabrina has been a visionary game-changer and thought-leader in the skintech and wellness industry by harnessing the power of customization and tech to augment the efficacy of skincare. This was just the beginning. From a single sq ft store in The Central at Eu Tong Sen street inSkin Inc has penetrated Singapore Airlines flight catalog sinceand global beauty mega-store Sephora since — giving it unequalled reach.

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To put things in perspective, Skin Inc celebrated its 10th anniversary with a three-day bash, hosting social media and brand influencers from around the world. A few clicks online, and a full beauty rescue would be winging its way to your home. There was no need for slow traditional forecasting. Skin Inc has grown into 78 cities and won over Beauty Awards and counting. In alone, she pivoted online with a resounding 4-fold increase in sales, and launched 6 life-changing COVID-aid innovations: 1. Beauty Jelly Dose 2. Serum Glow Filter 3. Serum UV Moisturizer 5. Maskliner 6.

Sabrina shared that such developments were supported by Skin Inc Innovation scientists Dr. Donald L. Another source of inspiration drawn from her tech experience was the Hackathon. They answered the call for products that the market was still lacking: a masking moisturizer, plus a primer, plus serum, plus mist! And this has been created. Sabrina carries a heritage within her that has given her the gumption and resilience to do what she has done.

By the time she was six, Sabrina was packing stocks, doing window displays and blending masks. By age 9, her mother had her practising facials. This was priceless ground experience in what it took to make a beauty business successful. In truth, through her family, Sabrina has had almost 30 years of business exposure by the time she started Skin Inc. Aside from her mother, her father ran a construction business, and Sabrina p all over 30 brothers had their own businesses.

Sabrina was the youngest of 4 siblings and the only girl, with impaired hearing in one side. Here was her second great gift from her upbringing. Her parents had raised their children gender and physical-ability-agnostic — expecting her to be as capable and confident and strong as her brothers. She was not treated differently Sabrina p all over 30 therefore never had to battle familial gender limitations.

This bears out current research that gender bias sets in by age 8 — and the raising of young children played a part. Sabrina has passed on this ethos to her own two children, Ashley and Asher. Despite such will and determination, Sabrina has had her tough years, when she survived on 5 hours sleep nightly, had dinner with her children, and then continued to work past midnight after they have gone to bed.

She recounted that there was once she broke down in front of her daughter with the worry that she would lose control of all the balls in the air. Sabrina is an amazing example and living proof of the extraordinary contributions that innovative women can make. However, we acknowledge that there is still work to be done to address how to balance it all. She realises this too, and has been actively mentoring and adding value. For Sabrina, work-life balance was a state of mind.

Balance is about staying connected, and being present emotionally and intellectually. Sabrina was an initiator of the Galboss conference inwhich was wildly-successful, and she headlined the Great Women Of Our Time as keynote speaker. She had continued as advisor to multiple women entrepreneurship and leadership initiatives by the Singapore government CFE, Committee on the Future Economy.

This is even more valid in the new normal, go for impact!

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Sabrina has observed that nearly all entrepreneurs are self-starters with passion and goals for their business. However, there may be different choices in how male and female entrepreneurs choose to run. Having said that, once the ground was equal, gender no longer counted — it was about competing and being the best one can be among peers.

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Sabrina wrapped up by sharing that her Choose To Challenge was to herself, to support other women chase their goals and dreams. Lead with conviction. And She Can Prove It. INSEAD does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, colour, or national or ethnic origin.

Here is the story of Sabrina Tan and her amazing and innovative skincare company. We have indeed learnt a lot from you!

Sabrina p all over 30

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