Saikin imouto no yousu ga chotto okashiinda ga uncensored

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Starts watching the episode. I looked at this thread before watching the show and originally thought you were being sarcastic.

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Going to wait to see whether the AT-X airing tomorrow is uncensored. Seems like an enjoyable, trashy ecchi, but that censoring is bad. To be honest, I could only think of this while watching the bedroom scene.

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The AT-X version has just aired and it is censored. No changes to the censor whatsoever. Exactly the same. Compared to the first chapter of the manga, I was pretty disappointed with the first episode. It's true this stuff is borderline hentai I think this would have been better off as one rather than having absurd censorship everywhere and deleting provocative scenes. Sorry for sounding like a yard.

But could someone gimme the deets on AT-X?

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Yeah they are even censoring the chastity belt. I mean, really? I may however not be able to wait that long. Let's see where this goes. Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago. Yet another shitty siscon anime.

Sort by: best. Starts watching the episode aww I think this will be a nice heartwarming episode of two stepsiblings getting to know one another Hey wait a second They're still in the hospital. This show is now my guilty pleasure of the season.

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Continue this thread. I'm done.

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