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Ladies and gents, you are about to see something you don't see every day. The web Sara x mill never be the same again Check it out! Search form Search. You are here Home. Grab Embed Code. LeBron James ain't gone nuthin' on one of these basketball-dunking rats. Check out all the tricks this team of pet rats can do. Abby Roeser says she trains them with a clicker and some good old-fashioned positive reinforcement. Their main incentives? Nibbling on Cheerios, dog treats, peas and dinner leftovers.

Color us impressed! View Now. Wait until the camera pulls back and you'll realize just how awesome technology can be. Sara X Mills is back with another video that's bound to go viral. Her bouncing breasts are, once again, the protagonists, but this time she's got a little competition from her boyfriend, whom she lovingly refers to as her "Terry Crews stand-in.

Check out the twerking boob video that started it all! You Won't Believe What This Hypnotist Can Do What if in a matter of seconds you could be hypnotized to the point where anything becomes your new reality? Freaky right?! Zach Pincince is a young hypnotist and did just that on the campus of the University of New Hampshire.

From making Olivia forget her own name to making her believe he's invisible, this guy can do it all.

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A musician was playing the banjo when suddenly, a curious fox appeared. Mesmerized by the music, the beautiful creature sat beside the musician the entire time he played his tune. This might just be the closest thing to cartoon princesses singing to animals in real life! Still, Maria had just such a visitor when a seal leaped up onto the boat deck to escape the jaws of two hungry orcas.

Maria didn't know what else to do while the killer whales circled her boat and hoped the seal would sacrifice itself for lunchtime. Eventually, the seal did jump off, and Maria sped away. Maybe the seal and orcas called a truce, we don't know?

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Luckily, his owner Kennedy Johnston is in veterinary medicine and removed the needles from the poor boy one by one. Next, when Allie Rissmiller's dad hung a tennis ball in the garage to mark his parking space, Izzy the dog is left mesmerized by it.

Guess what? Now the dog is in the way! More animal videos.

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This vegan recipe elevates your mushrooms into a "chicken bacon" sandwich. Excuse us while we head to the kitchen! Make yourself one and us in raising a glass to the weekend! Quick And Easy Enchilada Recipe? Yes, Please! This may be Salty Cocina's lazy enchilada recipe, but it looks like it tastes anything but lazy!

All it takes is a box of taquitos, cheese, canned enchilada sauce, and 30 minutes to whip it up. Add some toppings like lettuce, tomato, and Mexican cream, and you've got yourself a delicious meal for those days where you just don't have time to make the real thing! More recipe videos. However, movie star Kirsten Dunst has opted for a much cozier, timeless atmosphere for her Hollywood home. Dunst was ed by interior deer Jane Hallworth to discuss what went into making her home reflect her sensibilities. The singer, songwriter and actress has a breakout hit with "Have Mercy," the first single off her solo debut album.

Vogue asked the rising superstar to share some Sara x mill her beauty secrets.

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To promote his new book "Will" and his new film "King Richard," Will Smith ed GQ to answer some burning questions from fans online. Using undercover social media s, Will answered questions about his "Fresh Prince" days, his kids, his own social media presence and more! Check out the full video below! More celebrity videos. Much to her surprise, Isaac started to head straight for the store while she was still in the car. When he realized she was still in the car, he did do something adorable though. Six years later, the day finally arrived for the couple to tie the knot and Richard read aloud the letter.

For only being 17 at the time, we're positive that Brooklyn's heartfelt words will remain a timeless testimony of their loving relationship. The only catch is that she has to pick her beau based on their car and their carefully styled outfit. Who will win the date — Desjoire, Joshua, or Tim? They say the eyes Sara x mill the window to the soul, but this time, the windows are the windows to the soul! Check out Jasmine's full inspection below.

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More Love is in the Air videos. Kobe Freeman was enjoying a hamburger when he felt a sharp pain in his mouth. Somehow, a bee had gotten onto Kobe's burger and it stung his tongue while he was eating! His tongue swelled up to massive proportions, so he took to social media to find a remedy that worked.

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What started as just a normal Zoom classroom meeting turned into a call for action to help a fellow student. A woman in Ecuador was robbed while she was taking part in the virtual classroom, her laptop capturing the whole thing.

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Other students and the professor sprang into action, contacting the police right away. Fortunately, nobody was harmed and the suspects were arrested soon after the incident. The cellphones they stole led the police right to their location. Vic is colorblind, so his girlfriend surprised him with a pair of EnChroma glasses for his birthday. He's so stoked to see all the vibrant colors around him, and we're so stoked for him! Sometimes it's the simplest things in life we take for granted the most. Staff RTM Hosts. Apps Get the App.

Sara x mill

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