Sexy anime girl with glasses

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Lets be honest, there is something special about an anime girl with glasses. They look adorable and some of these characters have amazing superpowers. Here is a list of 15 anime girls with glasses you will definitely have a crush on. For someone who is not into anime, most anime girls with glasses can look the same, but there are always subtle differences such as the frame of thier glasses. Needless to say, most anime girls with glasses are cute just like girls who wear glasses in real life.

Anime girls with glasses are mostly nerdy and it shows in thier character too.

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They are a mix of beauty, brains and cuteness. A meganekko is usually shy, quiet and only during the course of a show is her real character revealed. In many shows anime girls with glasses are very intelligent and some have even become negative characters as the series progresses. In this post, we look at some anime girls with glassees that are cute, shy and will leave you with a crush.

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Shino like a real world girl who plays games is cool, calm and appears strong. Like a real life character, she has had a traumatic past because of which she has a kind heart. After a long stay in the hospital, Homura is recently transferred to Mitakihara Middle School. She is shy and like most introverts, prefers to be left alone. She is bright, friendly and her fighting style is more defensive rather than offensive and she has an impenetrable shield.

As the series progresses, Homura becomes more powerful and become capable of defending her friends from any enemy. Her character is sensible, mature and she is on the student council. As with any student leader, Nodoka is sometimes annooyed by irresponsible students but like a true leader she tries to correct thier mistakes. Nodoka sets goals for herself, is a wonderful homemaker and she really loves traveling even though she is terrible at directions.

If you really love anime girls with glasses, this is the girl for you. Koyomi Mizuhara is one of the most popular anime girl with glasses and her name was revealed only in the second season of manga. Like other anime girls with glasses, she is intelligent and is more mature for a girl in high school. She loves sweets, is mischievous and is also superstitious about her grades.

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How can you not have a crush on her? She is cute, introverted and mostly keeps to herself and her blog which is about bonsai trees. Unknown to most people, Mirai is on a mission to destroy the evil youmu and she hides it well under her loose cloths and glasses. Her blood is used as a weapon and she has the power of hemokinesis. If you google anime girl with glasses, you cannot find a list that does not have Yomiko Readman.

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She has many superpowers including ability to control paper, create airplans the size of humans, stopping bullets with notecards. She is also nerdy, socially awkward and is capable of winning any battle with her opponents with just paper weapons.

She is plagued by a series of many terror incidents due to which she becomes very obsessive that helps her career in military physics. As an anime girl with glasses, she might look calm and reserved but she has seen many an ugly war.

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Shizuku is one of my favorite anime girl with glasses. Her appearance and behavior is little bit ghastly and she is a member of Phantom Troupe, a gang of professional thieves. She has great deductive skills, is an actual killer and acts silly for others.

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Her weapon is vaccum cleaner which is also an unsual choice. Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist worked in a library before getting caught reading instead of working. She is addicted to books and is very shy partly because of her failures. Maiko is a student in the Honnouji Academy who lives in povery and always in terror.

Unlike some of the other anime girls with glasses who are strong, she lacks confidence. That being said, she is ready to sacrifice herself for her friends. During the show, she becomes friends with Ryuko and Mako and Ryuko becomes a savior that rescues Maiko from the evil Student Council. Even though Maiko lacks confidence, she is a very good driver. In meganekko, it is not very common that a shy and nerdy girls throws away her glasses when she becomes bold. Lettuce Midorikawa is shy and easily bullied in the series but when she is transformed Mew form, she becomes confident and has the power over water.

While she has this power, she still tries to solve problems amicably. Looking at the glasses of Yumi you would know that she is nerdy and intelligent. She also has a photographic memory and has the ability of Thousand-Mile eyes which simply means she can see over very large distances. Mari fights the angels and can be seen singing when she rides intto the battle and she is very outgoing character.

You could say that this anime with glasses is as badass as any Sexy anime girl with glasses the rest and her heroics in battle is something that has earned her lot of fans as one of the most beautiful anime girl with glasses. This anime girl with glasses has a distinct look about her and she has in her possession the supernatural Saika sword that allows her to control whoever she inflicts a cut up on. This power also comes with a catch- the wielder of the sword also gets psychological damage. Like many other popular anime girls with glasses, Nagato Yuki is also cute and she has her own spinoff series.

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The anime was based on a novel and she is an intelligent alien. So these were some of the cutest anime girls with glasses characters. Who was your favourite and why? Let us know in the comments section. Additional menu.

Sexy anime girl with glasses

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15 Anime Girl with Glasses You Will Definitely Have A Crush On!