Sexy comic book babes

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Marvel, Starfire, etc. With this list I will show a little love to all the under-appreciated comic hotness out there. This will be a continuous work-in-progress so feel free to post your favorite obscure or overshadowed beauties to add to the list. I've never understood her lack of inclusion in "Top" lists. Only reason I can see is she's one of the few DC beauties that is fully clothed.

That is, until the re-boot Maybe less will prove better?

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One of my all-time personal favorites! And surprisingly one of the more "proportionate" women in comics I am aware of!

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Yay Abbey! This girl is pin-up perfection! She used her ring as a "super growth hormone" to become an adult practically overnight.

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I can't help but feel a bit dirty? I'll give the Green Lantern Corps. As another DC "big name" that I can't figure out why she doesn't get more attention. Gotta appeal to that Goth-lover crowd somehow! Ok, Sexy comic book babes feel bad for not noticing her at first. When did she start being drawn "sexy"? I approve. She always had the looks that screamed hotness. To me it's only been relatively recently that her character could live up to it. I think she might be able to give Power Girl a run for her money in the "voluptuous assets" department. Lets not forget our villains either!

I'll give a hundred bucks to the first gal who gets Vertigo's costume body-painted on lol! If you've actually read Bomb Queen I offer you a hardy handshake and a pat on the Sexy comic book babes. You can truly appreciate this beauty. I'm only including her because she is a evil copy of Jean Grey. You get all the eye candy of Jean without the undeserved fan-boy hype. Another character I had seen as a pin-up as a kid and never associated with comics. Not that I'm complaining considering she pulls it off so well. I really preferred the "sexy ninja" look over the current "Lady Scorpion" getup, but what can you do?

Clarification: Exiles Blink certainly deserves a spot on the list. Not so much for for Earth Blink. But whatever. A sexy steampunk heroine? Why hasn't this sort of character been tapped more often in comics? Huzzah for unintentional crude humor. She's kinda got this completely awesome MILF look going on.

How old is she supposed to be anyway? I feel ashamed I've never actually read Ghost. I'm going to make it up to her by adding her to the list. She certainly meets the qualifications! I get to have my cake and eat it too! Power Girl makes all the Top lists, and rightly so.

So what do I offer to compete with the busty bombshell? Power Girl's clone! With raven black hair! A dynamic 'bad girl' and Thunderbolts veteran. Been sporting that strong punk look for awhile now. Not bad at all! My favorite gal bearing the name 'Terra'. A far better character with far better measurements then the original. Plus she's always sharing panel time with Power Girl, so the eye-candy is never in short supply lol. Yes, I know she is a crazy inter-dimensional pirate who would not hesitate to kill you.

But ask me if I care? She is super hot! I'm not actually a fan of re-hashing established male villains with female counterparts But I can make a few exceptions! Not exactly a 're-hash' character, but similar. As long as the costume stays on we're good. I'm surprised I never caught on this this bombshell before. She has issues, but I'm willing to Sexy comic book babes them. I miss this book ever so much. She is incredibly hot. Victory is about the closest I'll accept to that Anime-Elf look A big name that has been around for ages. She's the quintessential babe in the armored bikini.

So why does she never get any love?!? Oh Crossgen, I forgive all the crazy and screwed up titles you came up with just because you gave me Arwyn. Bazooka Jules was a fun read. And did I mention her chest expands when in 'battle mode'? I'm not even sure how she was able to support those. Yup, I forgot one of the Danger Girl trio. And I am ashamed. Sydney, you are still a prime example of epic hotness! Otherwise known as Cavewoman, she is another busty beauty whom was recently brought to my attention. One of the few characters I'm really looking forward to with the DC relaunch.

You can't get much more exotic then her! Elsa really needs to get more panel time. I mean, look at her! There was a reason Machine Man was always staring at her chest lol. Anyone know where Monica even is these days? Last I remember seeing her was during the Nextwave days.

If she has fallen into complete limbo it'll be a complete hotness travesty. Pretty much all the women that come out of Wildstorm comics are hot, but Nemesis wasn't just hot She was BAMF hot!!! Confession: I'd never even heard of Amelia till I stumbled upon her character while looking up my above entry. She does have some serious hotness going on.

But honey, that costume does not do you justice. List items. She's like Thor. Only better because she carries a sword and has lady-parts lol. Caitlin Fairchild. She kicks ass and hardly ever keeps her clothes on. As far as green skinned women go, I'd take Jade over She-Hulk any day.

I had a poster of her on my wall as a kid and I had never read a single issue of Fathom!

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When it came to all the various "Spider Women" I always liked her best. Regardless if you loved her or hated her, you have to admit she is hot. Screw Mary Jane! This is where it is at! Thank you Ultimate U! Speaking of Peter Parker girlfriends, let's not forget newcomer Carlie! More alien hotness direct from DC! This one is even an intergalactic party girl! Ok, I admit she is basically a Psylocke rip-off. I couldn't very well have Fairchild on a hotness list and not include Freefall. I laugh every time I hear her name, but the hotness cannot be denied! Basically the redheaded female version of Blade.

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Far superior lol! A nearly forgotten personal favorite. How many Native Americans do you even see in comics?

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Let alone one as hot as Moonstar? And let's not forget the woman behind the Mirage.

Sexy comic book babes

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