Shannons dirty on the 30

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Radio Host Mojo in the Morning. Mom to Lucy and Smith. One of our Co-Founders, Lauren is from Detroit and has been listening to her show for years. If you listen, you know that Shannon makes the show fun and entertaining every single day. But more importantly, she makes it authentic and is inspiring and passionate about what she does. About a year ago, Shannon shared some of that authenticity when she opened up on Mojo in the Morning. I confessed that going to work was really tough on certain occasions.

I've felt so inauthentic on the air lately because of this, and I'm so sick of "faking fine.

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We're excited about our interview with Shannon so you can all learn a little more about her as well. Shannon, thank you for always being real and for sharing a piece of yourself. The Returnity Project: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your beautiful family! Shannon Murphy: Aww, thank you for the sweet compliment! KISS We have a toy parti poodle named Charlie to complete our little family. I grew up in Michigan, specifically an island smack dab in the middle of the Detroit River called Grosse Ile.

I graduated from Grosse Ile High School inmoved down to Indianapolis to attend Butler University, and ended up getting a job on a morning radio show while completing my senior year there … THAT is how I Shannons dirty on the 30 into this crazy business! TRP: Tell us about yourself and about your experience returning to work after having your daughter Lucy and your son Smith? Were your experiences different for each child?

I included listeners in every step of trying to get pregnant, announcing both pregnancies, following along through the trimesters of cravings, fatigue, baby showers, ultrasounds and doctor visits. I was actually live on the air while in labor with Lucy! What we decided as a show the first time around was that I would take five weeks off after delivering, and then return to the show via my basement.

I had a mini radio studio set up in my basement and I would sleepily do the entire show live from AM in my pajamas, nursing Lucy whenever necessary and changing a few diapers during that time frame, too! I was exhausted, and I missed that little lady so much.

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But I realized it was REALLY important for me to have a routine, continue with work, take a few hours a day to do my thing and be away from her, and then by noon every weekday, I was back at home being a mom. My return from maternity leave with Smith was a bit different. Actually, everything about my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum with him was different.

I had been put on partial bed-rest at 27 weeks, and was just so frustrated with that. I had to watch Netflix from my couch all day while my sweet husband cooked and grocery shopped. Why was I complaining?!

I decided that I was going to take a full eight weeks of maternity leave, and not do any of the broadcasting from home. That was definitely a great decision on my part because it allowed me to focus on him, and not have to still worry about getting a few hours of sleep so that I was coherent enough to partake in a show - even from afar.

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In fact, I wish I would have taken the full 12 weeks. It was really, really difficult returning to work that time. I was just not ready, in all honesty.

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I was in such a good routine and loving all of the time that I was spending with the baby, yes, but LUCY. I was driving her to school, getting to see her gymnastics and swimming classes, taking her out to lunch All of the stuff I missed on a daily basis as a working mom. It was rough, but again, after a while, I welcomed the routine and was thankful for a workday that allowed me to be home by noon, if necessary. TRP: Did you find that your views about work and career changed after having children? SM: Not really!

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I want almost everything I do to be very intentional. SM: WOW, those are two big questions!!! Since opening up that day, my life has been easier in a strange way. The people-pleasing piece of me is slooooowly fading AMEN! Authenticity and vulnerability have become such a big part of who I am nowadays, and I truly love sharing and connecting with not just other moms, but other women about restoration, discovery, self-care … you get the idea. All of those fancy, feel-good words that make you feel excited and tingly inside.

A really public one. To motivate. Contribute to my community. As far as advice goes for working moms: Be gentle with yourself. TRP: What have been some of your biggest challenges as a working mom? My goodness how I despise that word. They get to meet each other for coffee in the morning, and then head to the library with their littles after dropping off their older kids at school every morning or walking them to the bus stop. That really gets to me. Oh man, what is it like to sleep for more than five hours a night?! Someone please enlighten me! Admittedly, I could go to bed immediately after I get Lucy settled.

Smith goes to sleep first, around PM. TRP: What are you most proud of? SM: A consistent evolution of myself. I love that picture.

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Or the one of a pile of dirt that you put through a sifter and only keep the pieces that are golden. All of the other junk gets tossed to the side. When I look back on my life, I see many different versions of myself. I want her to always be learning, and growing, and stretching herself, and making messages out of her mistakes, and living joyfully and gracefully however she can.

Shannon Murphy. Co-Host, Mojo in the Morning.

Shannons dirty on the 30

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