Shaun fallout 4 black

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Quick question The baby versions skin depends on what you choose for your players char skin. So i would imagine, if you choose a dark skin-tone for your char, your older son, may be also dark-skinned. It would make no sense to create a baby with heritage, but ignore the setting for the older one. On the other side, its Bethesda.

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So maybe they just forgot it later. I was actually quite impressed how they modelled his face to be a a mix of my protagonist and the dead wife plus he was darked skinned because I made her dark skinned. I spent like six hours editing my character AND Nora and then she gets shot in the head in 15 minutes.

And both were cute and all, but Shaun Oh gods, Shaun Seriously, my first thought was that you could probably stick him to the tiled bathroom wall, like one of those suction-cup towel-hangers. I think my going, "Kill it! Kill it with fire, before it lays eggs!

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In Create. Black Shaun? Started by zaigwDec 24 AM. Reply to this topic. Posted 24 December - AM. Posted 24 December - PM. SharraShimada Fan Members posts. Talwyn Fan Premium Member posts.

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Shaun is indeed whatever genetic mix you and your spouse are at the start of the game. McC1oud Regular Members 52 posts. I played female, Shaun looks like default male grandad. Posted 25 December - PM. Moraelin Negotiator Gladiarius Premium Member 5, posts.

Good grief.

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I wish mine would have looked like the default on the default playthrough. Back to Fallout 4 Discussion. Reply to quoted posts Clear. IPB skins by Skinbox. here.

Shaun fallout 4 black

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Black Shaun ?