She straddled him

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His hips bucking under her talented mouth and tongue the golden grow slowly spreading from his painfully,hard rod and over his cool pale skin, gasping a deep growling noise rumbles through his sculpted muscled chest. As his large fists grip the sheets bunching them up as his knuckle go white as his spine stiffens lifting off of the with each if her pulls on him and his desire. His noisy response reaches an instinctive part of her heating her blood making her need to give him more. She circles one hand about his base using it to follow her lips alternating a massaging pressure as lips and hand work together to bring him closer to the edge.

Her other She straddled him sinks within her creating a friction to fight the fire his flavor is igniting with each drag of her tongue up and over his shaft. Feeling his body give off precious be of his desire for her to taste and consume first words slip from his lips, the sound deep and lust filled more demon them man waking from his comatose state She shudders at the need filled voice that rumbles from him.

Her response an answering moan that plays against satiny steel. That twitches as she increases the pace. The almost animal growl and the way he bunches her hair increase the slick dampness around her questing finger.

She shift position and straddles his leg leafing the evidence of her need spread on his thigh while her other hand starts to cup and dance over the tightening skin of his sack. Where her moist folds touch his skin intense currents of delicious power seep in to him and travel through his long starved body,as her soft fingers cup and play with his pain laced balls his body convulses in reaction by doing so his hips rise off of the bed pushing himself deeper between her hot lips of satin.

When his thrust makes her mouth open wider a helpless whimper of desire runs out of her. She begins to rock her hips in his thigh the ever growing pressure of her own need consuming her. She swallows hard around him increasing her pace with every heated drop. One hand motions the other girls aside as she need more she wants to crawl up his body. She needs to feel the brush of their heated skin. It was time she tasted those lips and poured her engulfing passion into him.

Feeling her need mirror his own the energy building up between them enough to feed an army of demons ,sensing her very move every breath still holding her hair pulling her up to his lips wanting her to spread her juices allover him to bath in her need he moans out as his eyes seek and. Find hers the liquid gold swirling mesmerizing her he bites out. Releasing his pulsing member from the wet heat she slides up his chiseled waist nibbling his muscles as she slips over him. She lifts to hover her face over his chest as she swirls her tongue about his nipples. Looking back into that golden gaze she smiles as she settles her need slick thighs about his hips.

When she feels his length against her she trembles with the electricity that seems to dance beneath her skin. Her lips meet his and she pours it all into him as she begins to grind. Her tongue feed him the intensity just being this close creates and adds the crashing wave of her She straddled him. Still not enough she runs her hands up his pecs and over his shoulders one reaching behind his neck to keep their mouths melded as one.

The others nails curl against him as she fights to keep control. Marking and trailing his ridged body her each exhale over his burning skin creating a sensation of it's of she was soothing him and maddening him with her sleekness grinding against him,her nails teasing him making every hair on his body stand on end all his attentions resting solely on her glory and the taste of her lips and tongue melted his weary bones.

Reshaping them as much for her pleasure much more for his ecstasy. She was his wildest fantasy in cased in flesh the need and lust between them feeding him renewing him as his skin turns golden the teeth clashing against her. In there devouring kissing reshape in upper and lower fangs, his golden body growing in size under her taking on his demon form as he snarls in to her She straddled him wanting mouth. Her stiffened nipples brush against his golden skin even this causes her to gasp as she pulls from his mouth once more.

This time she nibbles up and down his neck pausing to lick his She straddled him as she moans out. I need you to quench this fire we have created can you give me what I need now. Feeling her heat radiate making his already suffering rod jerk and pulls against her folds as he crushes her with his size as he continues growing sliding from her mouth leaving indentations on her blushed skin with his fangs dragging them leaving angry lines and yet not spilling blood snarling "More"She dances feather light finger tips down his chest letting the barely there sensation caress him.

Before gently sliding each around his back to continue exploring this beast above her. Gentle scratching up and down along his spine.

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She lifts her shoulders from the bed and flicks her tongue over his nipple then she sucks it into her burning mouth letting teeth scrape softly over it. When he begins to do his own grind against her melting core his name hisses out on a breath her head falling back at the rising pleasure he brings.

Bellowing out through fangs that distort his speech" Mistress ",her soft exploring leaving a sensation of searing marks on his flesh each suck each scratch slowly opening the shackles on his iron clad. She straddled him as he in one rotation of his hard strong hips finds home in her tight hot wet seethe ramming himself in to her stretching and filling her as he bellows out in a moan. She shakes beneath him as just this entrance swells the need with in her her hands slide down to his ass nails digging in as he throbs within her.

She begins to slowly move around him her body pleading for more than she can express as she grips him her mouth seeks his to mimic their ing below with her own tongue dancing into his mouth. Feeding from her mouth with animal like greed each rub of her tongue against his wound pulling a growl from his lips,feeling her little nails dig in makes him want to chuckle with pride his little mistress was a fighter using his large hands to pin her hips down in to the bed as he retracts. From her just to slam back in with force giving her what her body needed taking what he needed from her each glide in to her tightness makes him purr.

In his chest shaking against her as his motions start developing a earth shaking repatriation of easing out just to fill her with more force each time. Wrapping her long legs about him as he thrusts her body instinctively trying to meet his yet he holds her still. It is all she can do is hang on as each motion pushes her higher strangled noises escape her throat as she twines her arms about him. Pulling him down so every journey into her waiting channel makes their sweat slicked skin slide.

Her mouth is ripped from his as cries of ecstasy fill the air. When her first release hits the muscle within her tighten around him dancing with the climax he has given each shove into her sheath sending pulsing delight through her body as she exploded screaming out. Feeling her sweet mouth full from him he groans in displeasure he needed to devour her every moan scream and whimper, she fed his demon and his soul, her wicked words pushing him over the edge of madness his hands easing off of her hips leaving beautiful finger prints on her perfect flesh.

He grabs her neck with one hand and a fist full of her golden locks with the other pulling her up to straddle him ans he continued bucking in to her never slowing his movements as his starving lips found hers again. When he rolls them back over she sinks on to him his hard member going even deeper it seems. Her body quivers over him as he grabs her head to ravish her mouth swallowing her calls as he rises to meet her while she slides up and down the staff that impales her. Her hands caress her own heated flesh tweaking and flicking the sensitive buds as she rides his wild movements.

The passion in his kiss fires her need and her hips begin to rock frantically seeking her next peak as her ,center tightens in pleasure waves of need rolling She straddled him her she will never get enough of this kiss this heated play with his body this intensity of desire. She moans into his mouth as his lips devour hers nothing has ever beat at her control like this she needed wanted more.

Wanting to feel more of the heat from his skin she brings forth her wings letting them drop so that she feels his legs stiffen on each push to answer hers. The feathers brush his skin tenderly as she creates a barely there motion trailing the tips back and forth across him from those She straddled him shoulders to his tensing thighs. So slender yet so strong her lust demanding as much as his at this point they were feeding each other yet the hunger kept growing.

Intensifying making the air around them thicken and electrify throwing everything around them in to a golden fog,he was altered for not only was his demon being reborn through there love war, his heart was growing out a broken peace, pulling from her all consuming mouth just to place long licks down her sweet salty skin, there bodies aflame as they both continue moving as if dancing to there own sound of slick flesh grinding and slapping to one another His eyes roll back in to his head as her gentle caress of feathers slide over his skin so at contrast to their movements, she pushed him over the edge his hand tightening around her delicate neck as he throws back his head bellowing out exploding filling her painting her walls in his pleasure.

She tugs his hand from her throat grabbing the other as well holding them to the bed trying it pin them there. The heated jets bring her near she buries him deep within her. Legs shaking she begins to circle her hips bring that sensitive nub in contact with his burning flesh each turn rubbing it over his pelvic bone the pressure within and without as her rolling time with each hot spurt feels so good her eyes close at the rapidly building tightness.

She is soon shattering over him a word less scream of satisfaction as fireworks go off behind her lids. Her nails dig into the hands she holds and she leans down purring into his ear. He feels her fall apart on him over him around him as he fills her and she feeds his needs renewing his hunger making him grow and harden like steel. Within her quivering heat and then her words seductive melting words make him spurt one last time in to her as he sinks his teeth in to her soft neck leaving his mark.

As his response to her question. When he hardens once more only to release again sinking those fangs into her it draws a shuddering gasp from her. She begins to move against him again feeling that helpless need fill her once more all she can do is whimper against his shoulder needing so much more from him than she has experience so far she is filled with a driving ache she isn't sure she can satisfy.

For more if the extasy he brings. Sliding his hands over her this and stop her hips and movement his breathing still deep laced with growls as his mind clears allowing him some semblance of control the energy they spilled with one another still dancing over his skin giving him an She straddled him buzz effect as he pulls her off of him kissing her forehead and spreading her over the tattered sheets as if placing an offering for the Gods and by Gods for him alone for she revived him filling him with sweet energy they would last him for weeks but he was a greedy fucker he wanted more of her in every way physically possible look over her,the moans that slipped from her were music to him.

Standing off of the bed leaving her to retreat a warm damp cloth sitting on the bed spreading her ties for him slides the cloth over her flushed flesh cleaning her taking care of what was his kissing each knee finally being able to take in and adore her as he was supposed to if he wasn't half dead the first go around whispering to her in his deep low voice as he continues She straddled him the cloth over her "Reece baby hold on for me.

Will you? She watches his every move as she lay quivering before him.

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This side of him was unexpected and made a smile grace her lips so gentle now after the earlier roughness. There was two sides to this coin and she wondered if he was more prone to the loss of control as before or She straddled him this tenderness was more the norm.

She hoped it was equal measure as she reached to run her hand over his arm as he cleaned her. Meeting her eyes offering her a satisfied devilish grin as he tosses the cloth to the floor as he climes back on the bed finding his place between her ties again as he keeps his bulk off of her to lean down and claim her lips whispering against them.

His gentle kiss a thing of beauty his touch along her skin quickly banking the flames of her desire again. She run her hands delicately up his sides as he settles over her. Sliding a silken leg up and down his hip she shivers beneath him arching her back as his kiss makes her melt. The caresses he paints her skin with leave a trail of goose flesh on sensitive skin.

She comes alive with desire for him once more. Hearing his words she breathes out a softly sighed. When his breath hits her she moans in pleasure back bending lifting her glory closer to the source of her longing. His every touch seems deed to drive her insane. As she grows damp for him again feeling that pulsing need he inspires. She rest one hand on the back of his head as he explores what causes the best reaction. He is learning how to play her she has become his instrument the noises she makes for him fill the air like a concerto.

Breathing in each of her reactions to him, sliding slowly down not missing one inch of smooth mouthwatering skin,tasting the mixed sweat of there bodies and the activities he could not wait to repeat with her and more,so much more before the week was out watching her movement beneath him and his mouth and hands growing restless burning for him he traveled his mouth down her chest taking his time to lick over her beautiful globes leaving a trail of wet kisses and nibbles dragging in her peeks in to his mouth one at each time moaning at the taste circling as his hands slide down gabbing her knees sliding them Over She straddled him shoulders leaning in to her at every suck.

With him savoring her now it set every nerve into a tingling overdrive. She was beginning to feel as if her very skin itself was vibrating from each stroke of his tongue and masterful hands.

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When he began alternating the attention on her puckered buds her channel clutched at open air. A river of need flowed with in her while he moved her as he liked. The pressure as he leaned against her to keep worshiping at her bosom was delicious. She instinctively rotated her hips to increase it heightening her passion even further she moaned his name. She could feel his wicked grin spread as he played he was branding her She straddled him she craved more. The sweet moans from her lips especially his name on her lips sounded like a prayer to the Gods them self's,easing from her sensitive nubs blowing a cool breath over her burning skin before continuing downward leaving little marks with his teeth as the liquid gold in his eyes.

Churned again and again sliding down her body rests his golden stubble covered jaw on her soft skin lightly sliding stimulating her further as he purred in a deep gravely voice.

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This was even better if that was possible she could barely comprehend what he was doing to her. When he blows across the turgid nipples I lift from the bed before ready to demand his mouths return. When he blows across the turgid nipples she lifts from the bed before ready to demand his mouths return. Until the first touch of his teeth drops her back on a low groan.

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He stops so near the source of her wild need. The rough little hairs scraping across leaving her whimpering at the sensation. She parts her legs further at his shoulders. Then that voice husky with a desire to match her own. She almost didn't recognize her own breathy whisper. Until I can take no more. Flesh grinning a devilish grin sliding his hands over her legs before sliding them under her smooth firm cheeks lifting her to his lips like a bowl.

Trailing nearly there kisses over her folds. His growl makes her shudder.

She straddled him

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