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Last month a new Snapchat filter captured the attention of the cis internet. And it probably led a few closeted trans people to make some life-changing discoveries. Last month was also when I decided to launch an official investigation into my biggest question since entering the realm of trans singlehood.

You know this song, right? My initial wave of research was met with no response. Yes, I still swiped right on two of them, sue me they were cute. And no one on Twitter or Instagram or in the Autostraddle Slack had noticed this at all. I started wondering if I was overreacting. Maybe people just like this song.

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I began scrolling through dozens of photos of societally approved beautiful women. Cis men who had used the Snapchat filter to look more like cis women than I ever will. So cis people, please, temper your reaction when I share this next piece of information.

Every time I looked in the mirror for the first year of my transition I thought about Buffalo Bill. The Silence of the Lambs means a lot to a lot of cis women. The most well-meaning among them will cringe as they admit their fandom to me. Perfect, really. You need a movie of this caliber for that sort of effect. It was rare enough to have a prestige detective story starring a woman, but one that was explicitly about misogyny with no romantic subplot starring a gay woman was completely unique.

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The Silence of the Lambs was protested upon its release by cis gay men because Buffalo Bill was read as gay and male. But Buffalo Bill is undoubtedly a trans woman. In fact, her transness is essential to the brilliance of the film. Hannibal is the father figure, the violent and masculine specter whose approval and trust is foolishly desired. His uncontainable power is patriarchy incarnate. Bill, on the other hand, is the intruder, a man adopting feminity so he can sneak into womanhood. Hannibal may be the obvious threat, but Bill is the real danger. Hannibal is a menace to everyone.

Bill is a menace only to cis women. The film is not accidentally transphobic. Its thematic core is transphobia and it does it so well. Actually, the movie explicitly says that Bill is not trans. He explains that Bill was abused as and this is what caused his gender dysphoria, not true transsexualism. He says that Bill likely applied for sex reasment at multiple locations and was denied.

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Trans people experience child abuse at a greater percentage than cis people. This all gets heavy really quickly. I wondered how much of the movie she had internalized. But I said nothing. Then my ears burned with a comment I could not so easily ignore. Silence of the lambs tinder lesbian nearby was explaining that she could never, would never have sex with someone with a penis.

Before I was single I hated when trans women complained about dating on Twitter. Especially trans lesbians. I hated this so much. Dating is hard for everyoneI thought. Blaming transness for your dating life is embarrassing and dehumanizing. And doing it publicly! This attitude was absurd, of course.

An entire community cannot collectively play hard to get. These trans women were not required to feign confidence in their late night drunken tweets. They should not have to perform for an imagined cis audience. And this imagined cis audience was not anxiously waiting for some tweets to inform them whether trans women were dateable or not. My feeling was born, in part, from a TERF talking point that trans women feel entitled to sex with cis women.

I refused to acknowledge a world where my transness was even an issue. But the truth is more complicated. I hate talking about this. I no longer feel judgement towards other trans women on this topic, but I still feel a lot towards myself. Dating is hard.

This is not a rare occurrence. I spent the first months in the dating world lying to myself. I wanted to walk into queer spaces with confidence and desirability. But living in total unreality is unsustainable. Sometimes I was yanked out of this fantasy with the violent force of someone at a party monologuing about penises. Other times it was subtler. The scene starts on a container of old food. She ties an old bone to a string and looks up. The song faintly begins in the background.

This is her whole thing. As the scene comes to its conclusion, we pull back and see Bill fully made up for the first time. The scalped head looks just like a wig. Her hairless body is wrapped in some sort of shawl which she plays with flirtatiously as she dances. She looks directly into the camera. We are her mirror. She walks back for a full body shot and opens the piece of cloth like the wings of a moth. Her penis is tucked. A grotesque trans body presented with pride. Or maybe some of them do just love the song. Silence of the lambs tinder I also know it jumps out at me in a way it never would for cis people.

And it might jump out at me more so than even other trans women. When I started transitioning I decided to watch every piece of trans media, good and bad. In lieu of a journal I began writing criticism. Looking back, it was an attempt at control. It still is. But it did. And I was actively seeking it out.

The Silence of the Lambs came out on Criterion soon after I began my transition. So not only did I rewatch the two-and-a-half-hour movie but I then spent an additional three hours watching special features. It was a truly miserable day. Of course that scene affected me. Of course, I thought of Bill when I looked at my own pre-medical-transition trans body. Of course. There was nothing they could say to confirm or deny the feeling this song still gives me. There was only one thing left to do. I deleted Tinder off my phone.

Drew is an LA-based writer, filmmaker, and theatremaker. She is currently working on a million film and TV projects mostly about trans lesbians. Drew, this is so, so good. A really wonderful interweaving of fine social observation, criticism and raw personal truth. Thank you so much for writing this.

Silence of the lambs tinder

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