Sitting on someones lap

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Not only illegal but stupid. Someone not secured correctly in a car becomes a missile if involved in a crash. They are not controlled and will at the very least injure themselves badly and can inflict severe injuries on others.

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Something I see quite often actually. I wonder if the parents are aware of the potential for the death of their kids?

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Obviously not. It is illegal to sit on someones lap in a car. First the law is mandatory for people to wear sit belts. You cannot wear a seat belt if you are sitting on someones lap. You are lucky the police did not stop you. You would get a big fine and so would the driver along with losing points on his licence No matter how much or how little the two people weight, it is illegal to sit on someones lap in a moving car.

At least in my state, it is not necessary for people in the backseat to be buckled in, however, there must only be one person for each factory recommended seat. Texas newborn passenger protection guidelines require children youthful than 5 years of age and below 36 inches in suitable to experience in an d vehicle seat or booster seat. This regulation replaced on Sept.

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It is illegal, also in an accident, it wouldn't be pretty! Either the person on top would be crushed quite badly or you would smash he together, or the belt wouldn't hold the weight.

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I think the injuries would be quite bad - I guess that is why it would be illegal. It's illegal and also very stupid. If there was an accident that person who go straight through the windscreen. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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July 29, July 29, thanh. YES, every passenger must have a harness seat belt! October 10, thanh.

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