Size disparity tumblr

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We now present additional data from the latter research, testing two hypotheses for the target size effect: 1 fusional vergence gain increases with target Size disparity tumblr restraining retinal image defocus and 2 the threshold of blur increases with target size masking retinal image defocus. Methods : 20 visually normal adults aged 18 to 28 years were dilated with 2. Subjects reported blur and diplopia by finger taps on a touch surface. A first generation PowerRefractor TM quantified retinal image defocus at the moment of the blur tap.

The effect of target size on vergence blur and break limits, and on the threshold of blur, were tested by mixed ANOVAs with target size as the repeated measures variable. Blur changes paralleled break changes across target size. Conclusions : The similarity of the target size effect on blur and break responses argues that fusional vergence gain change plays a role in the target size effect because depth of focus would not impact breaks.

We suggest that the fusional vergence gain and blur threshold effects on clarity are additive. Those concerned with optimizing visual clarity in 3D displays should consider the influence of fixation target size on fusional vergence gain and blur thresholds.

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Size disparity tumblr

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