Skunks having sex

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Late in the night now, as your yard fills up with acrid fumes invading not just your sinuses but your very soul, you may have noticed this.

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And the females are greeting that courtship, perhaps critically, perhaps in an act of passion, by doing what skunks do -- spraying their really malodorous bodily juices around. Simon admits to a lot of affection for skunks, liking their generally passive nature and their willingness to turn the other cheek before really turning the other cheek -- lifting their tails and spraying as far as 10 feet.

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The rhythm of skunk life is that they are active during three seasons, sleeping during the day and looking for food at night. In winter, they're not true hibernators, like groundhogs. But like bears, they den up and become torpid, slowing their bodies down and dozing through the cold. Often, those dens are under suburban porches and decks. Skunks are anything but monogamous.

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The males breed as many times as they can, then go back to the single life. The females are single mothers, raising litters themselves. Boone said when skunks do mate, the male bites the female in the neck. The female responds by folding her tail up on her back and sprays then, as well.

There's a lot of caterwauling and screeching. But Simon said they should not be thought of as pests because in their nightly search for food, they do a lot of good. They are extremely peaceful," Simon said. Because it takes them several hours to replenish their musky oils, they spray only when it's necessary. Skunks lead a pretty untroubled life as they nearsightedly wander around.

Other than automobiles, the only serious enemies they have are great-horned owls. Floridapfe from S. In February and March, male skunks are single-mindedly waddling out at night seeking females.

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Skunks having sex

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