Skyrim medieval economy

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I'm giving this mo d a shout-out because it deserves it and the mod has been abandoned due to the creator not having time to maintain it. After a little bit of tweaking for my own tastes specifically, I removed the books it in TES5Edit as they become game-breakingly expensive, it made the economy of Skyrim almost sort of make sense. It makes sense that Brenuin is able to squeak by on the few coins he gets each day food and drink are cheap.

It makes sense that Erik talks about having to save up for armor weapons and armor are not.

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I can even imagine a miner or wood-cutter using this mod slowly saving up enough over Skyrim medieval economy to buy a basic house like Breezehome. All very, dare I say, immersive. It has even inspired me to learn how to do basic mod patching I made a personal very crappy will not share patch for CACO. So someone with knowledge save it! Take it over! So you just go and kill a few bandits, loot their fur armors, and now you're rich?

Yup, the problem is everything you need is now out of the reach of your riches. When viewing the post on desktop, you should have a "flair" link, in the same row as the "comment," "source," "save," and other links. Click it. I am on xbox, and while this is not on xbox i think this is a really cool mod.

In my current modded playthrough I am not going for super immersive game play, but a mod like this would really help me get into the mindset of my current play through which is a fun oriented, nice looking, and challenging one. Does this or is there another mod that changes the cost for training? And do you know if this is usable with mods that change the weight if items? Couldnt find those in the description. Aww yeah that's some cool stuff! Thanks for pointing this out, I never would Skyrim medieval economy known about it otherwise.

A wet dream is this being fully compatible with kryptopyr's mods and ported to SSE. Trade and Barter is the mod I use for economy. I decrease the sell value of loot by 40 percent applies to everything, esp. Prices higher in cities, cheaper in towns. Seriously, was everyone so damn rich in skyrim that they used gold septims for everything?

Edit: that being said, I will definitely check this one out. There can never be too much poverty in Skyrim I'd say. And if this one helps, I'll take it! Right now, I'm trying out a new gold sink idea. I'm using the "follower tax" part of the Simple Taxes mod to simulate food and living expenses for everyone under my characters umbrella.

Right now I'm trying per week per person. And, I'm counting Spouse and children as followers the mod lets you set the manually. So, with follower, housecarl, spouse and two kids It's already 1, per week.

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Imagine later when I've got a big estate with a bard, groundskeeper, guards, whatever else. Adventuring becomes a high-risk, high-reward life. As it should be.

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Frostfall by making you wait out storms, stop for camping, etc. I'm thinking gold may not be all that valuable in Tamriel. Lucan Valerius at the Riverwood Trader seems puzzled that the thieves that broke in to his store would only take a solid gold ornament the size of a Skyrim medieval economy but leave all the other more valuable? Neat, I will give this a try. Does it also change vendor gold to balance out the player looting more valuable equipment from early game enemies? Maces and anything with alot of metal wasn't cheap. That's why spears and bows were so common.

Games like TES are one or two and far between. Skyrim is my first and I don't owe it to myself to play thru the rest as I enjoy reading about the lore more than I would playing thru games I have played before and just loathed because of the shallow approaches towards combat. Its not that I cant dodge, roll, jump attack, perform sweet finishers when prompted or parry or be the Shadow of Mordor repetitive or Geralt the white Wolf COuld of been better and might of actually planned on a better combat system parrying and decapitating thru hordes of enemies its that I don't have enough combat options or variety or Hell yeah tense moments when the combat does go down.

Combat in a game will always eventually become repetitive especialy in RPGs where violent conflict between your character and a pd or identifiable enemy, hostile, and a threat to your survival is going to make up a large portion of the gameplay. Can you stealthfully sneak into a bandit cam and kill a Chief to get that bounty?

You're probably ready to explain all these really lame ways in which that can be done with invisibility potions gimme a Skyrim medieval economy break or whatever you did with SNeak Tools mod or your "pure skill" as a skyrim vet lol. Skyrim's combat can be a potion drinking contest against enemies with large amounts of HP another concept that needs to just DIE and be replaced with other ways to simulate what needs to be taken away from the target or player in order to constitute virtual death by way of Despite my asphyxiation on the atrochous combat, lackluster roleplaying although I am roleplaying my character for once and not just deciding which version of an already established character I get to maneuver like a puppet.

Ive never played table top RPGs but ive read some of there guidebooks and know enough to say these should be the basis of what becomes a complex or geniously simple system of Living in a world as a different character, making life choices, surviving, making friends, enemies, climbing the social ladder or busy enough trying to fall. This doesn't mean ANY narrative needs to wait nor should it mean that you have to run around hitting the interact button trying to find a quest, no.

Instead you get your information like characters and NPCs iving in that world would get there info. Sure a little prologue and some backstory with some action couldn't hurt to introduce your character but how do we create a game Skyrim medieval economy a "social combat" or "drama" system that is as deep and developed if not even more so than the actual melee physical fighting mechanics. Yes I love game of thrones. The actual main quest should be YOU roleplaying you rMain character and seein where, and to whom, and to what you might do and How and then reflect on why or perhaps answer the why before the who what when where and how.

One thing that Dissapointed me about Witcher 3 where the monster Hunts. Not to mention the complete lack of a sense of urgency knowing someon eyou care about is being hunted by beings not of this world plus the emperor himself is forcing you. STill no matter what you have to start in velen and wait until your stron genough to reach and play thru novigrad then Skellige and kaer moren and on and on. Skyrim one ups every game including the witcher with the way it introduces your character and provides you with small subtl springboards to create backstories and begin to roleplay from the beginning with Larger conflicts other than yourself looming in the background that cant be ignored but your just a man you cant slay a brood of dragons Maybe its time to discover my true potential after I finish killing the bandits in this layer and collecting some pay, getting some sleep and the OHH fuuuuck a dragon shit!!

The Dragonborn story compels you th eplayer to take your character to Hrothgar and see what its all about but your still free to be your own character despite being able to exhaust a box of questions and in no particular order that I give up trying to explain myself I'm ranting but maybe you get a little of it. BTW there's like another I wrote under this, I forget what it says except that its basically similar to what I said above I just thought id rewrite it and now I think ill just keep it all in and hope I've articulated enough to get you to voice your opinion as well.

A game worlds economy is a big part o fthe picture I'm trying and probably failing to paint. Since I'm the kind of person that cant get over how streamlined, overly simplified, and boringly frustrating skyrim combat is I'm trying to really take advantage of mods on Xbox so I can enjoy what is one of the only most recent decent games of it genre. To do this I use a few population mods and Essential stuff for NPC behavior and combat mods and initially thought id be using TK Dodge which would of been a golden lining but instead I press on deciding to use Athletik combat which is a great mod but nothing can add dodging into the SE or execially he console games so here I am stuggling to ROleplay some good content up.

That being the Free Roam Sandbox Roleplaying games where you create a character free from class restrictions and from the get go you can get lost. I can go on about how there are few games out there that even go this route and Amalur and maybe Dragons D ;0 are the only two games that come to mind. Skyrim is my first TES 6 game and no I don't owe it to myself to play the other games unless, somehow, during combat segments the game switches over to Bloodborne or Witcher 3 without breaking immersion which Is just an asinine thing to say.

I hate MMO I think they are cash cows and we need 10 more Bethesda deloping companies, pumping great games like Ubisoft only instead, optimize and polish, finish the games. LIke 10 since Seige? How many shooters besides Ubisofts? How many sold well and I mean how many made substantial profits? Ubisoft did do one thing that prhaps almost redeemed them in my eyes. They invented, or someone did and ubisoft is profiting off of that slick new multi-dimensional dynamic melee fighting game featuring KNights, Samurai and Vikings.

Bloodborne also did something special but then acted as if they had amnesia and made Dark SOuls 3 which had none of that special Bloodborne sauce. Found the internet! True Medieval Skyrim medieval economy is fantastic. Posted by 5 years ago. Rave over. Sort by: best. Good call Continue this thread. Oh I wish it would be a mod for SSE. Atronach Crossing. Does it make the reward for selling loot higher as well then?

I want these mods ported over so badly. To do this I use a few population mods and Essential stuff for NPC behavior and combat mods and initially thought id be using TK Dodge which would of been a golden lining but instead I press on deciding to use Athletik combat which is a great mod but nothing can add dodging into the SE or execially he console games so here I am Skyrim medieval economy to ROleplay some good content up That being the Free Roam Sandbox Roleplaying games where you create a character free from class restrictions and from the get go you can get lost.

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Skyrim medieval economy

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True Medieval Economy is fantastic