Skyrim snake mod

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Serpents are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles, that appear in various sizes and levels of dangerousness, all across Tamriel. With this mod you can add to your game 3 species of poisonous small serpents, that will turn your daily walk on the high grass into a dangerous and deadly adventure. This will automatically create a link where the users of your mod will be able to see the credit section in this showing the authors that worked in the assets you are using; -In respect to the immersion of the players, what is my main modding philosophy alongisde the ideal of make all my assets open source, you are not allowed to change drastically the lore official or created by me in an immersive way in The Elder Scrolls universe for the assets you are using.

This means that you are not allowed to create completely different lores for a creature i released, changing its nature, species name, attacks, animations, basic loot, spiritual alignment, and specially origin. This is not only Skyrim snake mod rule, but an adivising of good sense to you, since users do not like to have in their gameplays mods that cause immersion conflicts between themselves.

Obviously you can give an unique name to a creature of mine, and a special unique origin to it, but still respecting the origin and concept of the species, for example.

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You are not allowed to pick my Wampa assets and call him Weregoat for example, or Abominable Snowman, but you can use them in your mod lore as, for example, the beast of Coldwind Catacombs, that would be the name the people in the region gave to the beast, but it's still a Wampa.

This makes my mods and your mods compatible in immersion to the users of this site; - Skyrim snake mod give permission for users to modify my file, including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and to it as a separate file.

But if it's just that, and not an authoral mod of yours, please put this original mod as requirement of yours. This includes simple. My mods are allways Nexus exclusive and will never be seen outside Nexus in a legal way. I don't own a Xbox-One, so i can't do the ports myself, and I don't have, at least for now, an "official porter". I just ask the "porters" to maintain the mods actualized, allways make a very clear statement that Mihail is not involved in the port and not support the file to Xbox, and that you are responsible for maintain the mod actualized and for the bug fixing of issues caused by the port.

Just give a link to the original mod; - Ports of my mods made for Legendary Edition to Special Edition by other users are no more allowed, because i've saw they are having lots of bugs, bad conversions, conflicts, and other things that i can't give Skyrim snake mod support since i'm not the author of that ports. The same is applied for merges there. I respect the good intentions of the users who made them, but allways wait for me to make the official ports.

No matter if this takes time or not, I'm the author, so, i'm precisely who knows if they must be or not ported to there already, of if they need to receive updates or fixes first.

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As I've said before, as the author of them, i have good reasons to don't release packs yet. And if you are worried about. There are plenty of tutorials for that on the internet, i do it myself all the time, there is nothing hard on that. Don't use the Merge Plugins program, use the Merge Plugins script for the program TESEdit, that i allways use and can confirm that works fine and without bugs. And if you'are searching for a translation of a mod of mine to your language, check first if the version of it is actualized, and the same version of my original mod. File information Last updated 22 January AM.

Original 04 August AM. ed by MihailMods. Virus scan Safe to use. free online dating service

About this mod Serpents are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles, that appear in various sizes and levels of dangerousness, all across Tamriel. Donation Points system This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version 1.

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It's free, fast and very important for the continuation of this nonprofit work. So, before using them, make sure they are in the same version as the current version of my mods, if not, do not install them or they will mess with my current official version. The same applies to ports for XBOX, I do not do the ports or test them myself, so you should also make sure they are up to date with my official PC releases.

Now you can add to your game poisonous small serpents, that will turn your daily walk on the high grass into a dangerous and deadly adventure. This mod adds 3 varieties of venomous serpents into Skyrim: the common Snake lives on the forests of falkreath and riften, and have a relatively weak poison. Also Labyrinthian has a small infestation of them. On the thermal waters of Eastmarch you will find the smaller of the Skyrim snake mod, the Viper.

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Despite this, she has a very potent poison and you need to be cautious, when dealing with her. And on the tundra you will find the extremely poisonous Rattlesnake. Her poison is extremely fast to kill and you must avoid being bitten at al costs, or you will need to quickly use potions to maintain yourself alive untill the end of the serpent venon, that in some cases may take more than 1 minute to disappear.

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This last serpent is easely indentificable by the particular sound that her tail does. All these serpents will choose commonly to run from you, and are easy to avoid when attacking, but you can end bitten by surprise after not seeing them getting close to you, using the grass as camouflage.

Skyrim snake mod

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