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That way we could get an early start, about four in the morning. Tyler had seen Barbara in just about all of her lingerie at one time or another anyway. I parked the car in the drive way and then Tyler and I walked in and up the hall to the living room.

When Barbara heard me open the front door she ran from the kitchen to greet me. There she was, in her new white sheer see-through top. And it left nothing to the imagination. I remember having told Barbara that I really liked her new top and how nice she looked.

Tyler on the other hand just about had his eyes pop out. When he finally got his voice back, Tyler told Barbara how nice it looked on her as well. After dinner Barbara whispered to me that she really had remembered Tyler was going to spend the night. But Barbara and I took turns filling them out, so the cards were now full of sexual themes and ideas. Before we started the game, Barbara wanted to change into her pajamas. While she was gone, Tyler and I set up the game Sleep over sex stories the living room floor and gathered up some throw pillows off the couch and easy chairs.

In a moment Barbara was back with her pink silk pajamas on, obviously teasing Tyler once again. She deliberately failed to button the top button and left the tie on top undone as well. When Barbara lay down on the floor ready to play, her breasts were now almost hanging out. I looked over at Tyler and shrugged.

Everything will be OK in the end. So we started the game and I went first. I picked a card and read it aloud.

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It said to pick an outfit for the woman on your right and have her put it on right away. I asked Tyler to come with me and give me a hand. We chose a real fish net outfit and brought it back to the living Sleep over sex stories. Barbara looked hot as could Sleep over sex stories. Barbara laughed and picked up the dice to take her first turn. Her card said to pick a partner and make out for five minutes, nothing bare. I knew she would pick Tyler. She told him that he had to remove his pants before they started, which naturally he did.

That of course would make it easier for Barbara to play with his cock while he played and sucked on her breasts. I needed one at that point. Before I could set them down, Barbara was taking off the fish net outfit. I could feel my cock starting to get hard just thinking about what she was going to look like. We all took a sip of our drink and then Tyler took his turn. He rolled a seven. That was a safe roll, so he passed the dice to me. I drew a card and read it aloud. It said to pick one female and one lucky male. The male was to receive a hand job from the female while she wore only her panties.

There was only one female and one male beside myself, so it was Barbara and Tyler again. He looked like he wanted to devour her as his lips raced crazily over her face, down her throat where his teeth scraped lightly over her soft skin. The scent of honeysuckle spun in his head. They quickly turned and faced each other and then with a giggle, Barbara wrapped her fingers around it and started to jack him off. I could see his cock growing harder with every stroke. In no time at all, he cummed all over her breasts. This time she put on another white see through job. It had a short top and thong panties.

And Barbara looked so hot. We decided to stop playing the game for a while and just sit on the couch and finish our drinks. Barbara sat in the middle with Tyler and myself on either side. I put a porno flick in the VCR and turned it on.

She found it and started to gently stroke it. I went and got my camcorder and turned it on and started taping what they were doing. My cock was straining to get out, so I removed my pants, but kept on filming. There she was, happily gobbling his big cock. She was moaning softly and making wet slurping sounds as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. Her hands danced sensuously up his legs until her hands cradled his balls. Barbara wasn't just sucking his cock, she was making a serious production of it. She Sleep over sex stories making these sexy little murmurs, like a kid does when eating ice cream.

As she stared up at his face, she chewed the head of his cock with her lips. Then he moved forward so that his cock hovered between her parted thighs and was all over her. As I continued to tape the action, Tyler spread her legs wider. She was helpless as he grabbed her hips and forced his hard cock into her wet pussy.

Barbara cried out as he entered her. Her high-pitched squeal caused me to smile. Barbara was proud of her tight pussy. Tyler was pumping her methodically, pushing all the way in, and I was getting every stroke on tape as he slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out and then almost brutally ramming it back in so hard and deep that their flesh made slapping noises as their bodies connected. As I taped my wife Barbara fucking my good friend Tyler, she started to work her hips, ramming her pussy up, meeting his thrusts halfway.

Tyler could barely hold himself back any longer and finally gave in to the moment. By the time he finished, Tyler had made Barbara cum at least four times. The two of them collapsed in a heap on the carpet, still caressing each other. Once they caught their breath, the three of us retired to our bedroom and our king-size bed for the night. Curious I reached out and touched it. Whatever the cause I was soon sucking it with complete abandonment. My head was bobbing up and down while my fingers lightly caressing his balls. Pausing, I licked the underside of the head and shaft right where men are the most sensitive, the Frenulum, that little piece of skin on the underside of his cock that connects the head to the shaft.

Taking it back in my mouth, I realized that I wanted to suck him to completion. I almost panicked when I felt Tyler hand on my head and his fingers running through my hair. Tyler and I never did go fishing the next morning. Needless to say, Tyler and Barbara went at it again and again all day Sunday. And like before I was in charge of the camcorder and videotaping all the action which was ok by me. Then he moved forward so that his cock hovered between her parted thighs and was all over her As I continued to tape the action, Tyler spread her legs wider.

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Sleep over sex stories

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