Soccer nut shots

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Somehow I ended up being soccer goalkeeper, even though much of what I know about guarding the goal comes from playing NHL video games. I play in a weekly soccer league. Our team is called the HK Orbits. The other day, however, I made a slight, but painful mistake in front of the net. We were playing against a tough team, lots of shots on goal, unrelenting attack. We were short a couple of our better defenders.

So I had to step it up as the balls flew in with a vengeance.

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A few good shots got past me and we were down in score. I knew I would have to bring in some next level shit, especially since they had this one French guy that could run it in and hit corners with pinpoint precision if he got past our defense. I knew I had to shut down this shot on goal at any cost. I got into my crouching, pouncing position. As he came close, I made my move. John Vanbiesbrouck while he was on the NY Rangers. I dove for that ball like a hockey goalie.

And John Vanbiesbrouck wears a shit load of p to make saves like John Vanbiesbrouck. Me on the other hand, no crotch p, no cup, just Adidas shorts and Calvin Klein boxer briefs protecting my nuts. I kind of looked like this guy afterward.

Sure enough, I was in a world of hurt. I needed some ice, but no ice to be found, so I had to settle for a semi cool bottle of Pocari Sweat that I had brought to the game. In either Soccer nut shots, I was done for the game after that nut shot. In the end, we lost the game, someone jacked my goalie gloves, and I limped out of there with my pride just as busted as my balls.

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So, not necessarily a happy ending, but when I first told the story, my friend Seth sent over this video to lift my spirits. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter.

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Soccer nut shots

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