Spanking model interview

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Miss Cassie is a sexy blonde Professional Domme who specializes in rope bondage. Miss Cassie was kind enough to answer our questions in June …. Did you have an interest in BDSM before you became a fetish model and started performing as a rope bottom? What first attracted you to the idea of BDSM? Some of the things I saw I tried on my siblings and friends when we played. Then of course there was my fascination with Harry Houdini the escape artist.

I was walking with my lunch date back to his car, he was an older gentleman Spanking model interview was quite respectful, Spanking model interview seemed benign. When we got into the car he told me just how much he enjoyed our lunch and was wondering if I would be open to indulging him in a role play game he really liked. He asked if he could give me a bare handed spanking on my bare butt laying across his lap while he called me dirty names. I liked it. I imagine being a rope bottom is a bit like riding a rollercoaster. Were you nervous at first? How was your first time?

That was my first introduction to a safe word, sensory deprivation, bondage, spreader bars and blind folds. Rope bondage can be very pretty, and obviously restraining, but it also seems very technical, especially with something like suspension. With the right teacher can anyone pick it up? How long have you been involved with rope? Rope Bondage is a skill like a sport or art form. It does require some spacial reasoning, physical coordination, memorization and discipline, so it is possible that this may be difficult to learn for some people.

I been seriously involved in rope for almost 25 years. What would be the one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about getting into rope bondage? Make sure you have some safety scissors and have cell phone al when you play, just in case something happens beyond your control and ability to handle. In your experience do people who are kinky go from one kink to another, or do they tend to find out what they like and stick with that? Like anything in life, people grow, grow up, discover new things or re discover old passions.

So occasionally in a professional capacity I will switch. Then we schedule a session and take care of the agreed upon session fee. Are you still learning in terms of kinkiness?

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I do have some things I desire to learn, things that are no longer in vogue on a different level, but for now that is my yummy delirious secret for me to savour as I see fit. This website is primarily focused with spanking. Is it a similar buzz to be restrained on-the-fly during a spanking and getting restrained in BDSM, or is it a completely different feeling? Just like some are only into bare handed OTK and others love paddles, brushes, switches, belts and other implements. The feeling is as individual as the people that are playing. I did get spanked as until I was around 10 years old for discipline reasons, nothing particularly exciting most people spanked their kids then as well as the nuns at my grade school when necessary.

Most spankings were bare handed, the last couple of years there was a progression of wooden paddles. We were allowed to keep our pants on, the worst part was never the spanking. It was the freaking mind games and yelling that went with it to teach you a lesson. Did you start off with adult spanking as a top or bottom? How was the first time? For you what would make the perfect spankee? Or, who would you like to spank? Or, who most needs a spanking? I prefer to spank but I like to play too and I love an ample booty. One that has plenty of well distributed padding so I can spank from mid thigh to the meaty gluts, a beautiful female booty that has just the right amount of bounce so you can make it twerk and dance.

But, I think being a top requires some acting skills with the scolding and such. Are you naturally strict? I can be very strict and stern. I like discipline, manners, protocol and order. Depends on my mood and the other players involved in the scene as to what direction our whimsy may go. Energy, commitment and passion make for a good spanking scene. If someone is just going through the motions your can tell, makes me wants to do something to get a reaction out of them, like poke them with a hat pin, lol just kidding.

I no longer switch or bottom for clients professionally because many years ago a man came in who wanted the typical school girl discipline scene. He promised he would warm me up properly before using paddles.

He had some very, very hard wood paddles with no give. I had been spanked for so long I could really feel how hard he was hitting me. Can you tell us about your show please? It was a live web tv talk show with a chat room for our audience to talk, comment and ask questions. I interviewed so many people in the Kink community and Kink friendly communities. Spanking model interview was a total blast and my guests Spanking model interview fabulous!

We learned, we laughed, we shared, we had so much fun!!!! Thanks Miss Cassie, and we hope everyone enjoyed the interview. Not only is she beautiful, tall and shapely but she is also very intelligent with a great sense of humour. Snow works as a dominant at The Dominion and has many interests outside of spanking, as we discovered. Snow Mercy was kind enough to answer our questions in June ….

What came first for you, the spanking or the BDSM? Did you start off with one fetish and broaden Spanking model interview or did you try everything from the start? I started with spanking and rope bondage, mixed with role play. Later I met someone who was skilled in many areas of BDSM, some of which I had no idea that existed, like mummification. Bottom for many, many years. It never occurred to me to be a top until I started working at The DominionL. Well, in the strict sense of BDSM, yes there is conflict.

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A domme is not someone who gets spanked. You are tall, shapely, beautiful and sophisticated. These matters always depend on the level of tolerance of the other person, but do you also bring the pain? Thank you! You are very kind. I am known to dish out pain when it is carefully negotiated in a safe, sane way.

There will be dominants who have different styles but generally, what makes a good domme? Anyone is eligible. It seems the single, unifying qualities I see in good dommes are confidence, self-control, responsibility, humility, and compassion. Confidence is probably the most important quality I try to teach to people I mentor who wish to be dommes. Self-control—some dommes lack it and this can lead to boundaries getting crossed, injuries, and feelings being hurt. Responsibility for the safety of others, the relationships involved or evolving, play space, finances, environment, schedules, etc.

There is always a time and place for everything. Some dommes I know and respect never played as a sub. How did you get into being in front of the camera in Spanking model interview movies?

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This is true. Before I ever considered doing spanking movies, I spent a lot of time doing fetish modeling. I also did a lot of acting here in Los Angeles. So the cross-over was natural after Dallas of dallasspankshard. I had gotten to know and trust Dallas, so I felt comfortable working with him on a movie. It seemed like a good way to branch out and reach an audience that shares my enthusiasm for spanking and make new friends. It worked! What I like depends on the person, situation, the relationship, my mood, etc.

All of it interests me. Sometimes I want to send somehow back home with lasting memories, so I deliver an especially hard spanking. Sometimes I need a good release that only strict discipline mixed with pain can offer. It varies. Oh, boy, that would be an epic moment. I can see it being rather intense…maybe some wrestling would be involved to overpower the submissive one…we can only dream.

My hands are my favorite spanking tool, followed by the strap, both as top and bottom. We have a paddle Spanking model interview for ping pong that is very large thin plastic that I adore for both top and bottom play.

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Do you watch your scenes back? Do you like porn? Be sure to watch it! I am my own worst critic so I tend to not watch my own videos.

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I was there at the shoot so I know what happened, right? Tough life I have, right? Can you tell me about how you got into making music. So, in a way, I had no choice but to record with Kim. I was just thinking whether being creative with fetish is the same as being creative with music.

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Does the music scratch a different itch? Both take creativity and require me to be very emotive. People can relate to music in general, but not everyone relates to fetish. Being a doctor of physics is just about the opposite of what you do now. Did you like the science? I have a Ph. I definitely use the skills I acquired in school in my day-to-day life such as critical thinking skills.

Spanking model interview

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