Spongebob broken butt

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Recap and Gifs. The episode starts off with Patrick seemingly breaking his legs so badly while sand boarding that they fall off but it turns out to have been part of a video game Patrick is playing …. Talk about ironic. Sandy uses this as an example to SpongeBob as to why he should be careful while sand boarding. SpongeBob really needs to hang out with her more.

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Sandy tries to have SpongeBob land on his bottom which he mistakes as taking off his pants. I never knew that was even possible. Well, at least SpongeBob can still sit. However, everyone accidentally choose a bad day to be reckless with their football games and 7 mile spanking machines just several people spanking someone crawling under them.

This ends up making SpongeBob very paranoid to the point where he vows never to go outside again.

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SpongeBob does realize he has Gary right? Sandy however has a better idea which is to try to and show SpongeBob the fun activities of the outside world.

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Sandy and Patrick try jellyfishing but SpongeBob shrugs it off and decides to simply replace his jellyfishing hobby with dust collecting. Soon, this becomes a montage of Sandy and Patrick doing fun activities to get SpongeBob to come outside. Eventually, Sandy and Patrick reach their final plan which is to have Patrick dress up as a gorilla and pretend to scare Sandy so that SpongeBob can come out and save her like he did when they first met. When they actually do it though, SpongeBob surprisingly sees through this and knows that the gorilla is just Patrick in a Halloween costume.

Then again, maybe it could be made of strong glass. Since the chip has a point, Spongebob broken butt decides to conquer his fear of the outside world to save them. Before the gorilla can further beat the three of them up though, SpongeBob questions why a gorilla is even underwater at all. Whoa, this just got meta! Soon, the gorilla voiced by Frank Welker simply runs away with his zebra George before things can get anymore weird.

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Notify me of new posts via. Poor guy. SpongeBob really thought of everything. Surprisingly, Patrick can understand the penny and compliments his singing. However, SpongeBob simply ignores this. Paranoia will do that to ya. Well, looks like another fail.

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That is until Patrick seemingly shows up. After getting scared for a bit, SpongeBob successfully conquers his fear.

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Happy ending right? The gorilla predictably kicks his butt and rips him in half. Well, at least he tried. Aww, at least they had some great last moments together. The audience ends up being weirded out by this. Whatever, it was funny. Review Again, funny and weird especially the ending. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by Bubbles of Thought. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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Spongebob broken butt

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Broken Butt