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Jotaro and the others visit an island on the Red Sea to visit someone. When they got to the island, they meet someone that looks just like Avdol, but with white hair It was his father! However, it appears that he doesn't want to speak to Jotaro and the others, and retreats into his house. Polnareff goes to the beach, reflecting on the sadness of the fact that Avdol died protecting him.

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Watching the last episode of the anime will change your status to watched. All available to watch right here, right now! Imagine a world devastated by nuclear war, where the strong oppress the weak and strength is the one thing that will ensure survival. A world where even close friends can betray you for power, a lesson that Ken, the Fist of The North Star, learns when he is nearly killed by his closest friend and left for dead. He's not an easy man to get rid of, and he Battle aura?

Blowing up he? Aw Stardust crusaders uncut yeah, time to roll with the punches and watch one of these classics of Shonen smackdown. Throwing blows with colorful characters and forceful vengence. Outrageous outfits and fantastic over the top action. Seriously, even at it's age Fist of the Northstar might just be a title you can watch while anxiously awaiting next week's episode of Stardust.

Consequently, if you saw Fist of the Northstar and said to yourself "man they just don't make beafy ripped dudes fighting eachother anymore, then look no further than Jojo. Like Jojo's Bizarre AdventureFist of the North Star features burly, manly men fighing against equally buff villains. Both also happen to be quite cheesy in a good way and have Stardust crusaders uncut penchant for overdramatizing. Fans of Jojo will definitely like Hokuto no Ken. Simon lives a boring life in the underground village of Jeeha, where his main job day in and day out is to dig tunnels.

His close friend Kamina, however, longs to bust out of their oppressive existence and reach the surface world where open skies and adventure await! One day, during his usual digs, Simon discovers a robot with a big face buried amongst the There are some qualities that both shows share, which has prompted me to make this recommendation. Fabulous animation, overtly masculine, great animation, a fun cast of characters, both heroes and villains, and pure unbribled awesome.

These are all things that both shows have, and if you liked one you should really try and watch the other show. In a post-apocalyptic future, gangs of savage thugs prey on the fleeting remnants of civilization, raiding them for food and water in the endless wasteland the world has become.

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Humankind's only hope for the future may lie in a young girl with an amazing ability and in the only man powerful enough to protect her and punish evil--Ken, the Fist of the North Go to anime. Auto-update my anime list NO This feature auto-updates your list any time you start to watch a video on Anime-Planet.

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Funkgun says Battle aura?

Stardust crusaders uncut

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