State of decay adult mods

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Come the apocalypse, I want a good pair of boots, a comfy pair of cargo pants not too baggy, not too tightand something that covers my torso pretty completely weight dependent on weather conditions.

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You know, failing full body armor or a suit made from sixteen rolls of duct tape. Long story short? But games set in the zombie apocalypse sometimes do feature women in wildly inappropriate attire, heaving bosoms on full, dramatic display.

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Even the worst of us can find a companion in the apocalypse, after all. My recent forays back into State of Decay, where the women come dressed like fighting machines, led me into following the fine footsteps of NYMGamer writers to perform my own exploration of the representations of women in games — specifically, in some zombie games.

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State of Decay Since I was playing Breakdown when I started thinking about this topic, it seems prudent to start here. Final verdict? Good job, Undead Labs, for not overloading your women and stripping them down to thongs. Dead Rising series Oh, Dead Rising. The first one has a special place in my heart, but not for its female characters.

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Let me grab my kitten-heel sandals and check my makeup. While Dead Rising gets a little better in this area by the time the third installment rolled around — Annie still wears a silly outfit, but at least her breasts, in screenshots, seem reasonable — the first game really took the cake. Glitz and oversexualization is part of the package.

At the same time, however, some of the available costumes for the male characters are, uh, interesting. So are the games just over-the-top and ridiculous? Definitely; Dead Rising never tries very hard to scale things back. Playing the games means accepting the world, with all the ups and downs and sexual assaults. Final Verdict?

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Packed with scantily clad bosoms and unbelievable proportions. But not always without purpose and not always limited to the women. Good show. Dead Island series Dead Island is vapid, time-chewing fun here and there, but the series is full of problems not least of which is the marketing. Listen, Xian Mei, I know you were working the hotel when the apocalypse went down, but taking five minutes to put on a pair of pants is a solid and acceptable life decision in times of crisis.

And Purna? All that jewelry seems like a bad idea when one is sneaking around zombies. What can you expect? But can someone please tell game developers that we can determine if a character is female without their having to wear a skirt? Might as well put a bow on it.

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Resident Evil series Resident Evil has a long history of scantily class ass-kicking women with insane proportions, and even when the women are fully dressed, a lingering whiff of hypersexualization seems to hover around them. Sometimes you get Jill Valentine in a hoodie, sometimes you get Claire Redfield in trousers and layers… and sometimes you get booty shorts, skimpy tank tops, slit skirts, and skintight bodysuits.

Resident Evil, for all its up moments, seems born of a wild mix of Japanese culture and a long tradition of action movie women who kick all the ass while wearing one-third the clothing of their male counterparts. But where do we draw the line that marks a problematic representation? Girlfriend, you need to wrap that biz up. You know, for safety. As October draws ever nearer, an influx of horror games has begun to hit the market in an attempt to fill the […].

Warning: discussion of sexualized youth ahead. This exploration of feminist games studies is a continuation—begin with part one here. Alisha: I think if we want to talk about […].

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Lollipop Chainsaw Nothing really needs to be said here, eh? Juliet says it all herself.

State of decay adult mods

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