Stephanie mcmahon fat

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Log in. Photo with Nia Jax. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Aug 14, Here is a recent photo of Stephanie doing the "Finn Freeze" with Nia Jax and she's basically the same size as her lol. I doubt she's pregnant since she's in her 40's now, but you never know. She could be bulking up since she's big into weight lifting and her midnight workouts. All I know, she looks way bigger than she did at Mania ed Dec 7, Ever since she's embraced Feminism she's started turning into a fat bitch.

ed Dec 3, She's bulking for Mania. ed Jul 25, HGH injections and steroids. Triple H's project to make her Chyna is coming to fruition!

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ed Jan 30, She's just embraced the fat acceptance movement. She's fighting the thintriarchy and their unrealistic beauty and health standards. The oppression needs to stop. ed Nov 6, ed Jun 27, Does it really matter? ed Apr 21, She's always been busty and tall for a woman, and wearing 4 inch heels helps her tower over people even more. ed May 18, Here's the thing-uhh Those who are fat shaming Steph here Are some skinnyfatass basement dwelling marks-uhh Who never hit the gym in their life-uhh.

ed Jun 7, Someone said on one of the pod's she is fighting Rousey herself at Mania. Probably seen Shane and fancies herself for it. ed Mar 16, I'm not seeing it tbh. Does it really matter tho?

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ed Sep 12, Wellness Test this slag. ed Jul 10, ed May 2, She can gain as much weight as she likes as long as she doesnt come close to the ring. ed Jun 14, Maybe she is, Stephanie mcmahon fat i think the illusion of Jaxx being big at least height wise is due to her always standing next to Alexa who is a borderline midget, now she's next to someone of similar height.

I wouldn't doubt it's due to training etc. ed Feb 6, Her posture makes her look fatter,but yeah she looks worse. ed Mar 19, Chris90 said:. Superkick said:. Weight gain does not matter? Do you even understand what the term "borderline" means? Poll: Do you miss Stephanie McMahon at all? What if Steph McMahon came back as a Face? Would she be more likeable? What would you do if you had one night alone with Steph McMahon Kayfabe? Is Steph pregnant? the discussion.

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Stephanie mcmahon fat

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Did Stephanie McMahon gain weight? (Photo with Nia Jax)