Stephanie seymour thong

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We were being girlie-girls, standing in our underwear in her spacious London bathroom -- dabbing on eye makeup, trying out each other's hair gel, discussing with pointed skepticism why MAC had sneakily inserted a "sell-by" date on their lipsticks.

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It produced a bluish-red smudge, similar to a bruise. Sallie glanced over and we wrinkled our noses in unison. I sat on the bathtub and watched her preen. She was dressed in a satin claret-colored bra and matching G-string, a version of which she wore every day -- confirming again my belief that British women are more visually sexual than their American sisters.

Now clearly, Sallie is an exception -- she seems to wear lingerie for her own purposes, and not as a prelude for sex. My drawers are full of silk teddies, lacy get-ups and other impractical items received from various boyfriends over the years. I never wear any of it unless I have something very specific on the agenda, namely getting laid.

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Left to my own devices it's the all-cotton jobbies or simply Could women really enjoy wearing sexy lingerie for its own sake, and not as a facilitator? And do men really find it as visually stimulating as we are led to believe? To me there's nothing more ridiculous-looking than a woman in some skimpy flimsy piece of nothing. Sallie's underwear is indeed elegant but it certainly could come under the skimpy-flimsy-piece-of-nothing category too.

I mean, who des this stuff, and for whom? I called La Venus in San Francisco, an elegant women's lingerie store specializing in French and Italian silk s. They want the husbands or boyfriends to see it first, but women do know what they want. Now, men are pretty indecisive. They gravitate toward slips or sheer things, but then they always pick it in black.

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Oh, and always a thong cut. One time, this older man came in with a younger woman. She picked out a bra and panty set, and when I asked if she wanted the thong cut, he interrupted -- not one bit shy about it -- and said, 'Well, what's the point without the thong?

I thanked her and plowed on. I'd heard something similar from another man, who confessed that one of his great pleasures when purchasing sexy lingerie for his girlfriend had nothing to do with sexual anticipation, but stemmed from his pride at no longer feeling embarrassed.

I wanted to find someone who found it a genuine turn-on, but so far my investigation seemed pretty fruitless.

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I think men buy sexy lingerie mostly to satisfy women. I don't know.

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What do you think? Was the procuring and wearing of sexy lingerie another silent bit of mutual altruism, like having sex in public? It pokes you in weird places. After an hour, I can't wait to get out of it. Perhaps this was coming down along age lines, with men my age gravitating toward the athletic jockey briefs and those of the older persuasion -- perhaps in their sunset years -- desperate to revisit the Jayne Mansfields and Betty s of yore.

But then a man in his '50s swiftly popped that theory, stating categorically, "My idea of a bra is a T-shirt. I wondered if there was any correspondence between my proclivity for not wearing underwear and the present White House administration. But that will be an investigation for another day. Sticky Header Night Mode. Related Articles. Trending Articles from Salon.

Stephanie seymour thong

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