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We got the crystal gems teaching Steven about his history as well as teaching the viewers about consent, breaking gender stereotypes, relationships, and everything progressive under the sun.

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Enter Connie Maheswaran. That was the final al needed to let it be known that Connie just got drafted to Top 5 Dead Or Alive.

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Connie is one of a multitude of diverse characters from Steven Universe. She a woman of color that been on the forefront of repping her set. Connie is way more than just the best friend love interest for Steven — she is his confidant and partner in anti-crime. Connie is freaking brilliant.

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Connie is obedient but will find loopholes to justify actions towards her desired goal. Connie knows fencing as well as being able to play the violin. Connie is able to pick things up pretty quickly and is very mature for her age, as interactions with the Crystal Gems and their enemies require a level head that Connie has proven she has.

One of the best things about Connie is that she is a huge fangirl and nerd. She and Kamala Khan should start a book club at this point. She has the whole series and introduces Steven to it as well. We even get to see her do some cosplay. Connie incidentally helped Steven complete the fusion becoming the first time a human ever fused with a gem. The result was Stevonnie not a fusion, human, woman, or man, but an experience as Garnet stated. This was a break away from gender norms as we see Connie and Steven interacting which looks like Stevonnie talking aloud as to what the other wants.

What is this experience like for these two, how are they navigating through it? This experience made Steven and Connie closer as a partnership relationship while at the same time displaying the importance of getting to know your own body, wants, and needs and not having to be ashamed for what you feel or who you are. Rebecca Sugar has commented upon how this fusion between the two represents puberty and changing into another person but remaining the same, while others may treat you differently based upon your growth.

We see so much of youth going towards those awkward teenage years into discovering who you are. Stevonnnie is Connie and Steven Steven universe connies mom who they are together as one. Where that Meek Mill beat at, I need it for the rest of the post because Pearl went and turned that girl Connie into a Monster!

What the fuck are we talking though!? She gets to a point where she is ready to put her life on the line for Steven when the time comes. Steven universe connies mom then realizes it is stronger to fight with someone than to just fight the battle for them. We see once again that once Connie and Steven team up? All hell breaks loose. Connie straight up did the ultimate cross over on Pearl. After someone gives you the fucking business like that you gotta reassess some things in your life. Pearl agrees that their method of fighting as a unit is the correct one and knights both of them. Connie just about unlocked that Bushido Blade trophy.

Usually in shows with continuous action once the danger becomes more imminent we start to see the supporting characters riding the pine. Connie can not only fight independently but as a unit in sync with her teammates.

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She is down to help out in a not only a fight but a freaking war with aliens. She is willing to go through whatever is necessary physically or mentally in order to be an asset and she is just a great, empathetic, stern and awesome person to be around.

Connie had to disobey her mother in order to protect her and it is there where Dr. She is there for Steven in numerous ways not only as a listener but as a comrade in arms. Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make. For all we know she could be light skinned both her parents are black but she came out light ; however he darker genes came through when having Connie becuase Connie is clearlying fifty shades darker than her parents.

Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Editorials Top 5 Dead Or Alive Omar Holmon.

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Steven universe connies mom

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