Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Kid reviews for Steven Universe. Common Sense says Quirky cartoon values family, fun, and finding your purpose.

Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Teen, 16 years old Written by Moenyanka August 1, So I'm a teen who loves the show, but you should know some things. Certain gems are sexualized, such as Garnet and Lapis Lazuli, and Garnet and Amethyst share a sexually suggestive fusion dance in the episode "Coach Steven" There is a plotline about the protagonist's mother murdering one of the Gem goddesses, and when the truth is revealed, a character named White Diamond is also revealed, who is a very scary character with dark lore, who attempts to take out Steven's gem, which would kill him if not for plot armor, and is responsible for the creation of the unsettling White Pearl.

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Overall, it's good for preteens and older. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Teen, 13 years old Written by RainingTigers July 21, Great show! Personally I think this show definitely deserves a lot of its positive feedback. I really enjoy this show and think that anyone over the age of seven could easily enjoy it. Although some of the themes are a little bit mature Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse the age rangeI have given, this show is jam packed with great messages everyone can learn from.

Kid, 10 years old June 6, Kid, 12 years old April 16, Probably the best show i have ever watched the closest to a sexual reference is amethysts dancing in the 12th episode and thats the closest it gets and the stereotype thing jut read another review also there not lesbian there transgender there prefers callings are just her, hers, she. Teen, 17 years old Written by Poptart18 April 7, I absolutely love this show!

It's one of the best cartoon network shows I've seen in a while. They have positive body image and appreciate their flaws, they accept themselves for who they are rather than what there expected to be. There are many different types of families and diversity in the show.

They defy gender norms and gender roles and the expectations of a person, gem, or fusion and there are many types of love and they're OK with gender orientation and nobody questions about gender they treat everyone with respect. Also there maybe a bit of violence but it's justified or non bloody if the gems fight someone they first talk about it and if they can't solve it with peace then they fight to protect earth and if they "poof" a gem it disappears into a cloud and the gems get a reward for doing the right thing and that's a very good lesson to be teaching.

They talk about concent and relationships on a kids level and how toxic and healthy relationships effect their life and I can go on and on but in conclusion I love the show and it's a really good one to try.

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Have a good day. Teen, 14 years old Written by Adam March 22, The perspective of a kid Steven is an all around great role model, along with the other crystal jems. The messages are amazing and the show is incredible and funny.

There is so much you can learn. It is sad to see shows like this disappear. This show has action which kids like, nothing you can imitate so it is completely fine. I am going to tell you the facts. The first two seasons are different from the last three. The first two have many more lessons. Show your kid this show! It has great lessons that can not be put into words.

Kid, 12 years old March 16, Also they did not stereotype Amethyst or Garnet!!!! The show is great and it has great role models! There bodies that we see according to the show are just projections of light. But the only easy to kill a gem is to shatter their gem. And most of the time fighting is not needed, Steven normal will find a way to solve a problem with love.

Kid, 12 years old February 1, My opinion on Steven Universe - too creepy for me For the most part it was a pretty good show until they introduced disembodied hands and legs: they appeared in multiple episodes and were even a large plot point. I found it absolutely terrifying. No blood or gore is shown. The characters in Steven Universe are very Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse characters each one having their own strengths and flaws, they were the best part of this show.

I wish I could have enjoyed this show for its characters and good plot without it being spoiled by the creepy stuff. I decided to stop watching this show because of its creepy content, I would not advise kids to watch this as I honestly feel like this show should have a teen rating. Overall if they had cut out the creepy stuff I would have loved this show. Teen, 17 years old Written by Chelsgirl January 31, Steven universe is the bomb One of my best friends got me into this Amazing show and I'm glad they did!

If there is a problem the Crystal gems face they eventually work through the problem together. I love how nobody questions about the way they look there's no Expectations of what a person, gem, fusion ect. It's amazing and this show has mild violence but there's no blood just clouds of dust and a gem they get rewarded for doing right.

They portray healthy and unhealthy relationships and the difference between them for example lapis and Jasper were in a toxic relationship while ruby and Sapphire were in a romantic relationship. Also I noticed how Steven really matured in the series the series has great character development.

Also Lars is a boy that is Transgender and faces an identity crisis he tries to blend in with the cool kids but later in this series he becomes his own captain and he now understands who he really is. That is a very good lesson to teach kids if you ask me. Sadie whom I ship with Lars has her issues too, with her mother being too assertive and pressuring her to do things she doesn't want to she stands up to her and it all works out.

Also I like how this show tackles concent and not being afraid to say no about harassment like fusing together fusion is only a dance, also it only happens when two or more gems, fusions, diamonds need to in emergencies. Ruby and Sapphire truly love each other and they only fuse if they Both want to and they form mostly Garnet and they fused permanently together only out of love and Garnet has both wedding rings on both hands indicating that ruby and Sapphires bond is strong and love for eachother.

But when Jasper and lapis fuse they form malchintie IDK if I spelled it right but this monster is the result of a toxic relationship. Lapis was the partal blame in the relationship failing and Jasper being OK with it then lapis notices that this relationship with Jasper is wrong and only used her to vent. Jasper sadly wants to be with laps and doesn't want the relationship to change and makes lapis fuse with her and lapis pulls Jasper into the water and I think lapis escapes until she meets Jasper again in the episode "Alone at sea" then lapis forms a strong relationship with peridot no denying that they deserve eachother lapis is completely just happier when she's around peridot.

I so like to point out that Steven Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse have an issue being a boy and feminine traits and he embraces every flaw and imperfection he has and he has very good self esteem especially when he goes through a lot more than the average kid does.

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He is always a go lucky kind of character and sometimes cry when neededs to and there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone has emotions and I love how he deals with his conflicts head on. So I just want to say that Rebbecca sugar is a genius and I wanted to thank her and her team also a thank you to Cartoon Network for giving me and other people a show that Is very entertaining to watch and tackles mature themes head on and at s perspective of how they see things. It's just an amazing journey and I hope this show will continue for a little while longer : thx so much Rebbecca sugar for an out of this world show.

You're a gem! But this is My opinion about the show. Teen, 13 years old Written by Blue Diamond01 January 27, Steven Universe shows different diverse body types, ethnicities, and personalities. I, myself, am a huge Steven Universe fan and so is my family. I would definitely recommend this show to everyone! Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Teen, 15 years old Written by Rebeca January 17, The best show I have ever see This is a very good show for children, but also for adults or young people because it shows a family consisting of three "girls" and a boy so it helps to children to avoid prejudices and it helps to young people to throw them away.

Also, it is not important how you are, it is important how you feel, and it insists a lot in conversations and in talking with the other about your feelings. Teen, 13 years old Written by Dobby and winky January 13, It's a great show! Steven universe is a great show and it appeals to all ages. I like to watch it with my younger siblings. It shows characters with different personalities and body types and has inspired me to be myself.

Good show, but do Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse actually like it? So heres a little bit of history. My classmates would Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse make fun of me for liking it but i didnt care. But with age i realised that the show just wasnt right for me. I would often talk to the resident cartoon fanatics at my schoolbus and we would chat about our favourite cartoons, and most of the time steven universe barely got mentioned!

At first i was wondering why but then i realised: its a bit For little kids at least. While the attention span of tweens and teens is enough to appreciate steven universe, the pacing of the show might be a little TOO slow for kids at times.

Besides the show gets a little bit TOO preachy at times but i see where Rebecca Sugar is coming from and i love what shes trying to do. But some messages might go over the younger kids minds Like Fluorite, who is a metaphor for polyamorous relationships. Another problem i have with this show is that it has no idea what it wants to be. One second it wants to be this funny wacky cartoon a la Uncle Grandpa and the next its trying the be serious and dark, while in the next second its trying to be more artistic and beautiful.

While some cartoons can find a balance and end up making a beautiful product, i dont think steven universe can quite manage that. But i also dont think its as bad as most people on the internet say. In short, i think the concept of steven universe is great and i love what the crew is trying to do, but honestly i think the execution falls flat What every kid's show needs!

It has a variety of body types, from short and pudgy to tall and thin. It's the first Cartoon Network show to be written by a female. The whole show is about no matter your gender or body type, you can still achieve great things. It shows a lot of "people of color" pocand I put that in quotes because they have no race. All gems have a little gem somewhere on their body, which is a form they have taken. Steven is half human, half gem. His late mother, Rose Quartz, is a Crystal Gem.

His father, Greg is human. Steven doesn't live with his father, but he visits him often to bond or so that Greg can share some fatherly advice. I like this because not all kids live with their d but still maintain a healthy relationship with them. This is most touched on in the episode, "Fusion Cuisine " when the parents of Connie pocSteven's friend, want to meet his parents. This gets awkward because they both know Steven's mother is no longer with them, he doesn't live with his dad, and he is taken care of by crystal gems.

It's great because he is later proud of his gem "family" and his gem background. I personally love Steven's character because he goes from a kid who wrote a song about ice cream to someone who is understanding that things aren't always perfect and that's the way things are. Another adorable trait he has is that he isn't afraid to call little animals cute or wear pink.

Steven universe peridot and lapis fuse

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