Steven universe peridot full body

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I mean, the technical name for your butt is your gluteus Maximus, fyi.

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I still go with the theory that Era 1 was more magic based, which is why we had time traveling artifacts and statues that powered temples, but get none of that after Season 1. However, because of the resource shortage, Era 2 became more scientific based because they needed to, which is why they have new tech and why Peri was surprised to see Bismuth I still go with the theory that Bismuth is Era 1 exclusive because how can you make a shapeshifting gem if pink has no diamond juice.

And because of that, more Era 2 gems began to use more technical, scientific terms terms. Idk, the diamonds use the words "legs" quite a few times.

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I think Peridot's just weird. Then again, the diamonds are Era 1, which is my point. Era 1 gems tend to use normal terms. Eyeball says Eye for example, because her era relied more on magic than science.

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Peridot's also used to being in limb enhancers. It is possible that she started thinking of them as her own limbs, so the 'gravity connector' term became her general word for feet.

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Though I admit this does not explain 'scent sponge' or 'vision orb. Maybe those are the names in limb enhancer terms, then.

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I figured those were the technical names, which came out of Era 2, since as you said, there probably was more of an emphasis on limb enhancers. Found the internet! Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. More posts from the stevenuniverse community. The 1 subreddit for Steven Universe.

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Steven universe peridot full body

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