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The air is still rife with the metallic scent of blood, all pungent iron and salt. You can taste it on your tongue as Michael shoves you to the stone floor of the church, his eager hands leaving streaks of red behind as he claws at your robe and your dress, pushing your thighs apart to tug the lacy scrap of your panties down your legs. Michael had scowled at you then, Stone-cold-cunt tumblr eyes full of malice.

Why he would just abandon his only son? His image here on Earth? He swallows down the moans that escape you, frenzied and hungry, and you rake your nails down his back as his fingers seek out your cunt, warm and wet and waiting for him. A low whine of desperation escapes you as you take in the sight of him, hard and flush with arousal, and you can feel a fresh gush of wetness pool around his fingers, making Michael snort. Not so much Michael Langdon the Antichrist, but Micheal Langdon the lost little boy who wandered into your church by sheer chance.

More tender. Michael narrows his eyes and opens his mouth to respond, but the words die on his tongue as you lower yourself down onto his cock. The only sound that escapes him is a strangled, raspy groan, and his eyes flutter closed as he reaches forward and settles his bloody hands on your hips. Use it. But when you clench the walls of your cunt around his cock, Michael growls and thrusts his hips upward, making you keen loudly as he curls his fingers around your throat and squeezes. Michael snorts—derisive and cold and Stone-cold-cunt tumblr the noise sends a bolt of equal parts pleasure, equal parts fear through you.

His eyes are cold and harsh now, nearly black with lust and desire. Blood—his, yours, some combination of the two—stains both your skin, and a soft whimper escapes you as Michael bows his head and licks a flat, broad stroke over your collarbone, smearing his mouth with red. When Michael lifts his head to look at you, the intensity of his gaze makes you shudder, and you draw your bottom lip in between your teeth as you feel waves of heat beginning to flood your system.

So soon? A hoarse cry of his name falls past your lips as your orgasm slams into you, and you tremble in his arms as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you. The mixture of your cum seeps out of your cunt and trickles down onto the floor, mixing with the blood and ash pentagrams.

Tagging only a few because this is garbage but this ask made me feel some type of way about Sojourn Michael getting kinky after the black mass: avesatanormalpeoplescareme langdvnshepherd sojournmichael littledemondani. Originally posted by langdvn. Warnings: bisexual! Michael, but like… what about Michael AND fem! Michael at the same time???? My bi ass is screaming oof. Anyways, enjoy!!! He swiveled on his heels to face her, his face stoic and anticipating her response.

Though, judging by the warmth emanating from her inner thighs, he already knew the answer. Michael rarely allowed her to sit in on his interviews, though this time he suggested it. One Outpost resident, Mallory to be specific, was rather perplexing. During her first interview with him, he was left confused, bewildered. Michael Langdon is never confused, which is why he called her in for another interrogation, this time with his right-hand in tow. Keep reading. Edited to be under a cut!

Originally posted by houseoflangdon. The bags beneath his eyes were almost black, and his plain, cotton t-shirt was a wrinkly mess. Originally posted by thenighteternal. As always, barely proofread so forgive me! Also a special shoutout to my gorlieeeee avesatanormalpeoplescareme for this brilliant ending!!!! Let me know what you think and what else you want to see from Xavier!

The Camp Redwood Wrap Party. Held on the night after all of the campers had been picked up by their parents to celebrate another successful summer in the woods. There was no more pitter-patter of tiny hiking boots at 6am, no more long days spent sweating your ass off and trying to keep small children from stepping directly into poison ivy and causing a disruption in Stone-cold-cunt tumblr already chaotic day.

The summer was finally over, and it was the last hoorah of camp before everyone went their separate ways. His hooded eyes bored holes into yours over the vibrant, roaring Stone-cold-cunt tumblr, nostrils flaring with each bated breath. The girl beside him had practically crawled Stone-cold-cunt tumblr his lap, fawning over his perfectly quaffed hair, fluttering her best doe eyes up at him in an attempt to seduce him.

It had worked before, or at least he thought it had. Nevertheless, she was far too intoxicated to realize her doting had no effect on him in the slightest, no matter how hard she palmed at his crotch with her long nails or sloppily ran her tongue along the hollow of his throat.

Xavier was more focused on youor rather the tall brunette whose hands were discreetly dancing dangerously close to the waistband of your nylon shorts, though he could see it plain as day. Warnings: use of alcohol, angst, smut, heavy petting, fingering, cum play, oral female receivinga lil bit of fluff I suppose. It took me a while and ended up being wayyy sweeter than I wanted it to be, but this is finally what I came up with!

I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you guys think! Weekends at Hawthorne were a blessing. You cherished them, counted down the minutes until your Friday lecture was dismissed and you were left to your own devices for the next two days. While your prolonged stay at Hawthorne was turning out to be quite miserable, the weekends worked wonders for the permanent furrow in your brow from Mondays to Fridays.

Most witches and warlocks left the boarding school on the weekends, charming their way into trashy clubs and finessing fruit drinks from whoever they could seduce with their powers. It was as if they never slept for the entirety of those two days. Some of them never returned until the following Monday, getting caught up in the bustling city of Los Angeles and wishing to forget their duties as students of the supernatural. He keeps whispering and grunting into your ear. He wants nothing more than to see the scrunched up face you make as you clench around his length and come undone. He wants to see the changes in your movements as he ruins you.

Michael and Duncan came home to… quite the predicament. To any ordinary individual, it would have looked normal, nothing was out of place and nothing was particularly jarring about what they saw Stone-cold-cunt tumblr they padded into the master bedroom of their penthouse apartment. It was almost cute, their two babies entangled as they napped, had Duncan and Michael not immediately picked up on how disobedient they had been while they were at work all day. Their timing was perfect, or so they believed, making sure to leave plenty of time inbetween their attempt to entertain themselves and when Duncan and Michael would arrive home.

See, their act of defiance had tired them out, so much to the point where they passed out before Jim could redress. He always complains that sleeping naked makes him wake up in the middle of the night sweaty and clammy, so the sight of his boxers abandoned on the floor by the nightstand did not go unmissed.

Whatever, or whoever, they had been doing, had caused Jim to be so preoccupied that he had fallen asleep in lieu of tending to that minor detail. The look Michael and Duncan exchanged was mischievous, both knowing exactly what the other was thinking without having to speak it into existence.

You take Jim? They moved in sync, prowling on top of each of their lovers, hovering until their lips just ghosted over the shells of their ears. The one thing we ask of you that you just so happen to disregard time and time again as of late? Neither of them answered, both forcing their eyes shut as they fought to stay composed in light of their wrong-doing. Are you ready to get what you deserve for being so, incredibly naughty today? Duncan began to pump his digits in and out of her, amazed at how quickly her walls swallowed him with ease. Michael began to stroke Jim, thumbing over his flushed, sensitive slit that was bound to begin leaking at any moment now.

Under a cut bc this one is way longer Stone-cold-cunt tumblr the usual requests I answer! The timid knocks on his door were quiet, but they startled him nonetheless. It was the middle of the night. Everyone he talked to had been in bed for hours now, the halls were quiet and his social media feeds had died down. Something inside of him felt like the person on the other side of the door was the same person that had been preoccupying his thoughts for months now, but the greater part inside of him told him to let it go.

He was gone. He was positive from the moment you cowered in your seat when he broke the news to Stone-cold-cunt tumblr residents that he was here to seal their fates that you were the one. Your destiny had only been confirmed when he called for his father later that night, with dark, sticky streaks of blood pooling around his bent knees and ankles.

You were the one. You were pure, untouched for the most part. And being who he is, the literal Antichrist, he saw it as his opportunity to break you bit by bit. He loved the thrill of the chase almost as much as he loved the endgame. He got off on knowing how much it tormented you, knowing how many restless nights you spent with your fingers between your legs, unable to find the Stone-cold-cunt tumblr release that you dreamt about Stone-cold-cunt tumblr giving you every single time you drifted off to sleep.

Maybe he was the one putting those dreams inside of your head, or maybe, just maybe, you were starting to think you were made for him too. Each time his leaking tip brushed just barely against your aching, needy clit you felt yourself unravel more and more. You needed more, all he could give you, buried deep inside of your warm, wet walls that were made to take him and only him. You closed your eyes as he pressed himself further into your core, this time eliciting a louder, strangled moan from your lips that had you grabbing his bicep to keep collected.

Just when you felt like the relentless teasing would never end, Michael lifted himself and readjusted his position on top of you. He pulled you further down the bed by the meat of your thighs so that they were pressed firmly up into Stone-cold-cunt tumblr stomach and wrapped tightly around his slim waist. Then finally, with the slowest and most agonizing of movements, Michael began to ease his member inside of you. He gauged your reaction as he did so, fighting with every voice inside of his head that told him to ram himself into you and ruin you completely.

Michael had worked you open with his fingers and made you come undone with his skillful tongue on many occasions leading up to tonight, but never had you been stretched to this extent with his cock before. Your eyes fluttered shut as he inched his way through your heat, choking Stone-cold-cunt tumblr your own moans as you laid completely still below him. The burn, as torturous and unbearable as it felt, still had you wanting more and bucking your hips up to meet his with the tiniest of motions.

He started with slow, shallow rocks of his hips, hitting your most sensitive spot each and every time. You were his, and he was yours. Originally posted by bbylangdon. Creating the new world was a taxing job, meaning Michael making an appearance in his home before sundown was a rare sight. Not even that, really. Most nights, he barely makes it back to his home with enough time to shower, eat the cold leftovers from the fridge, and pass out next to his already sleeping lover. She understands, of course, knowing that the fruits of his labor will soon blossom and they will be able to live peacefully as the rulers of the new world that Michael built.

Today, however, Michael had had enough with the Cooperative. In fact, he was so fed up with the incessant rambling of his colleagues that he up and left in the middle of a meeting, tasking his poor assistant with the rest of his responsibilities for the day. Posts talk to me!!! Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: i was just thinking about michael making the symbol in the dirt to contact his father and then later he uses his blood in the ritual and i kinda realized at some point someone taught him or he learned to use blood for contacting his father and like.

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