Strict disciplinarian wife

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That means hands and faces washed, teeth brushedstories read, and prayers said before hits. Now the kids are riled up, red-faced, sweaty, and bouncing off the walls. The other parent now has to play the bad guy and force everyone to go to bed or suffer the consequences.

Later, one parent mentions this incident and an argumentthe same argument you have about the subject of discipline and why you need to be on the same team, begins again. How do you reconcile being the heavy in the relationship? The bad cop to the riotously entertaining good cop? In the confines of a marriage, it also puts a lot of burden on the bad cop.

No one wants to be the heavy. According to Amelia Bowlera Toronto-based behavior analyst, one reason such problems can arise when, despite being on the same with his or her partner about the rules, one parent has a lower tolerance for conflict.

Another reason: Although there is no set precedent that mothers are always the rule makers and d the rule breakers, that tends to be Strict disciplinarian wife more common scenario.

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So, in the moment how can you put a pin in the conversation in a way that also leaves the door open for future discussion? From there, you can diffuse the argument and almost any marital dispute, for that matter by simply acknowledging that your partner is upset and that you get the reason why. Bedtime is at eight and she works hard taking care of you all day. By just acknowledging each other and Strict disciplinarian wife each other credit, you can skip hours of arguments.

While disaster might have been averted for that one night, the fact remains that the eight p. Per Bowler, there can be some wiggle room where the rules are concerned, as long as the bigger picture is always kept clearly in focus. So when it comes time to form an equal partnership in the handling of discipline, what is the best approach?

Just like the old Boy Scout motto says, be prepared. If someone breaks the rules, what do you do? One way to get the ball rolling is to draft a set of house rules. Have them written out and put on display in a prominent place. Have the kids work with you and your spouse on putting the rules together. Having them involved when the two parents are establishing the rules is key, says Bowler, as it helps the crystalize the rules and make them tangible. And the house rules say no snacks before dinner. Please try again.

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By Jeremy Brown.

Strict disciplinarian wife

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The Strict Wife’s Guide to Taking Charge: Domestic Discipline