Strip club scene deadpool

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Stan Lee has racked up tons of cameos in Marvel movies. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Fox's Fantastic Four and X-Men films, his appearances serve as high-profile easter eggs that even the casual moviegoer can spot. He always looks like he's having a blast, and based on his latest performance in Deadpool it's not hard to see why.

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The scene in question takes place in a strip club, the camera cutting away briefly to the DJ booth revealing that Lee is the one spinning the tunes. Due to the wonders of editing, it turns out that the reality of the shoot was rather different to what ended up onscreen.

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At this weekend's MegaCon Lee spoke to reportersrevealing that he wasn't even in the club when he delivered his customary cameo. It will kill all your fun," said Lee. I did that in a studio and then they put it into the movie, and I'm damn mad about that! He is, of course, joking. But nevertheless, he plans to ensure he doesn't miss out on being surrounded by half-naked women the next time around.

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Strip club scene deadpool

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