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I'm from Australia. David's songs may not be politically correct to say the least, but they are fucking funny. Forget the politics and take them for what they are. Very Suck em silly sally and clever songs. Honestly, the funniest part of this song to me is that it's actually a really fucking good song lmao. I found this song on my grandmothers playlist. She doesent know english, but she sure loves country! When musicians had a sense of humor. God Bless David Allen Cole. I met him in He was legit. He became really un legit as he got olderbeen to the second show so far and you wouldnt even know this exists.

That's one funny kickass tune by one of the greatest kickass country singers of all time. Perfect tune to jam to when I'm working the rails. Check out 18 x rated hits by David Allen coe. It will blow your mind bro. DAC is a highly creative poet Non assuming sensitive soul Mona Lisa lost her smile is another side to his infinite abilities. I kept think about the lyrics I can't listen to any of his music, with out laughing my asment off. This ain't nothing compared to all the rap songs that's out there. Question is, who came up with it first? I love this song so much everytime I listen to it makes me laugh until I Cry.

You don't like it, Don't listen to it That Plane and Simple! Once when I was in middle school I was listening to this at school. This teacher let us listen to music while we worked. My friend decided to yank my headphones out he had no idea I was listening to this. So a class of 8th graders heard from Amazing I didn't get punished at all. It was friend who got 2 days of ISS because he disrupted the class lol. Theres a moncton nb centennial park and it's not where the strait folk hook up these days!

Virgos have balls to say whatever is on their minds and dont hold back! He is awesome. I'm pretty sure three of the members of Pantera did an album with him. That's how I found out about him. I still have the Underground Album that I ordered from the back of a magazine, and the cassette.

Haven't played them that much, so they are both in great condition. I am a big fan of country music fan for life and this album needs to be my Suck em silly sally. I like the radio edit of this song. It's called "DAC Instrumental ". Got to party with him in Daytona, he throws a hell of a party! David Allen Coe forever! I love his music the first time I heard this song I was quite stoned and I giggled like crazy, my friend thought it was funny too. Such a good thing! I think DAC is one of the greatest outlaw country singers.

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He's really hot. I first heard this song on Outlaw Country Sirius Radio. Loved it from the first time. Never heard this song again on Sirius. Not on Apple Music, Prime Music or another streaming stations. I agree with feminists I love this song I would like to find this album and have this song playing at my funnel. Our north is your south and our south is your north hahaha. Indifferent Centrist changing tires is a life skill everyone should have regardless of gender so its strange that americans feel that its a masculine task.

Now try to imagine what they're going to do if we ever close the workplace death and suicide gaps, have women drafted WW3 is coming and women generally become just as expendable as men Always makes me laugh! Also makes me think of DJS and all of his silly Suck em silly sally he would save. He would love this one. I like music like this. My mom doesn't know i listen to stuff like this. David Allen Coe, lots of off color songs like this around!!

Gotta love anyone with balls enough to sing what others are thinking!! Don't get me wrong that I'm a dyed in the wool racist, hell, I love realty, have several black friends. I would but the bastards would ban me from posting!! This is a comical Computer Program narrative caught an Infinite loop. So Circuitous and sub-Jerry Jeff Walker-esque! Was at Centennial Park last week and couldn't get this song out of my head. That's one fuckin' funny song! Thanks to my dad who showed me David Allen Coe exactly 5 minutes ago. I have a sister Sally that lived with me when I heard this song for the first time I had just smoked a bowl of kick ass weed turned it up full blast my sister laughed her ass off.

Your sister has a great sense of humor! I got to party with him and Johnny Rebel once at "special" rally. Show all :. This profile is not public. Edit Profile View as Public Logout. David Allan Coe. Finger Fucking Sally.

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David Allan Coe ». David Allan Coe Outlaw country. David Allan Coe born September 6, is an American singer and songwriter. Coe took up music after spending much of his early life in reform schools and prisons, and first became notable for busking in Nashville. He initially played mostly in the blues style, before transitioning to country music, becoming a major part of the s outlaw country scene.

The latter inspired the movie of the same name. Coe's rebellious attitude, wild image, and unconventional lifestyle set him apart from other country performers, both winning him legions of fans and hindering his mainstream Suck em silly sally by alienating the music industry establishment. Coe continues to be a popular performer on the country circuit. Coe was born in Akron, Ohio. His favorite singer as was Johnny Cash. After being sent to the Starr Commonwealth For Boys reform school at the age of nine, he spent much of the next 20 years in correctional facilities, including three years at the Ohio Penitentiary.

Coe claimed he received encouragement to begin writing songs from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, with whom he had spent time in prison. After concluding another prison term inCoe embarked on a music career in Nashville, living in a hearse which he parked in front of the Ryman Auditorium while he performed on the street. He caught the attention of Shelby Singleton, owner of the independent record label Plantation Records and ed a contract with his label. Coe's musical style derives from blues, rock, and country music traditions.

His vocal style is described as a 'throaty baritone'. His lyrical content is often humorous or comedic, with William Ruhlmann describing him as a 'near-parody of a country singer'. Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes Coe as "a great, unashamed country singer, singing the purest honky-tonk and hardest country of his era […] he may not be the most original outlaw, but there is none more outlaw than him".

Coe's lyrics frequently include references to alcohol and drug use, and are often boisterous and cocky.

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Coe's debut album Penitentiary Blues was described as "voodoo blues" and "redneck music" by Allmusic's Thom Jurek. It focused on themes such as working for the first time, blood tests from veins used to inject heroin, prison time, hoodoo imagery, and death.

Coe later explained to Kristofer Engelhardt of Review: "I didn't really care for some of the country music until people like Kris Kristofferson and some of those people started writing songs. They had a little more to say than just, 'Oh baby I miss you', or whatever. I don't do anything halfway. Once I got into country music, I went back and researched it, and learned everything there was to know about it.

I knew just about all there was to know about country music. Credited influences on the album include Merle Haggard. In his early career, Coe was known for his unpredictable live performances, in which he would ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle onto the stage and curse at his audience. Coe has also performed in a rhinestone suit and a mask which resembled that of the Lone Ranger, calling himself the 'Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy'.

When asked why he did not write more political songs, Coe replied, "I live in my own world, not thee world. I just write songs about what affects me in everyday life. At one point I wrote a song that was sort of a protest about when they were talking about drafting women into the military. It was about my son making it past the draft, but my daughter didn't. And I've done Farm Aid. Coe is a brilliant songwriter well into the 21st century, and deserves to be lauded along with the likes of [Willie] Nelson and [Waylon] Suck em silly sally and Kristofferson and Newbury — and even Cash.

Pick em Lick em Stick em I was 15 going on 20 when I met up… Everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down. Take your choice, him… Heaven Only Knows You aint daddy's little girl anymore isn't that a crying sh… Heavenly Father If grandpa was alive right now there ain't no tellin'… Hey Gypsy Hey gypsy, hey gypsy come on home Even if it's… Hey Porter Hey porter! Hey porter! Roll on long. I'll get another one prettie… Snowblind Friend You say it was this mornin?

Bad times, all pass with… Sudden Death Sudden death, that's what you are Loving you is Suck em silly sally riding… and many more tracks by David Allan Coe. The lyrics can frequently be found in the comments belowby filtering for lyric videos or browsing the comments in the different videos below. Comments from YouTube:. Shawn Lehm 10w At least for a couple of days. Josh Graziosi 12w Please invite me. Cracker 88 16w We all do lol! Quinoa 17w This is Cuntry.

BatCountry 31w You mean Cuntry ha.

Suck em silly sally

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David Allan Coe - Finger Fuckin' Sally