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Girls will hustle you. Such a rip off. Better off going online and handling yourself. Tatianna is an amazing girl.

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She literally is one of the best dancers. That earlier review was outrageous. If a woman posted a negative review about her, than she is either obsessed with her husband and clearly is mad he fancied her and or she just is mad she never gave her any attention! Trashy club and receptionist is very slow. Beautiful girls and upscale clientele, which is the reason for some of the salty reviews.

If you want a hood rat club, try somewhere else. Had a fantastic experience here with my father back in April of this year when we were in town for a business meeting.

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Will certainly be back in the future. Come up to Atlanta for work all of the time and this is going to be our new spot Beautiful ladies Scarlett and Kiki both drop dead gorgeous treated us real nice, did the whole VIP experience and had more fun than our old spot The Cheetah. Ladies do pole tricks, Club looks small but its set up real well, drink prices arent too bad Great time here with our bachelor party mid 30s Professional setup.

The ladies are top fit and they were everywhere. Drinks service Tattletale lounge atlanta responsive. There are two main stages that I saw. A larger central one and a smaller side stage. Now thats what im talkin about boys! The place has just been updated inside and most of the girls are friendly the waitress and bartenders are awesome. Which was very awkward. Performers were rude and not great dancers. Not a fun experience and do not recommend. Asked 2 girls to give my friend a dance for his birthday and both said yes but never came over.

Total waste of time. Girls are hot and plenty of choices. Staff is well organized. Bar is fast, smoothie is a great bartender. Do not come here again. Me and my best girl friend LOVE strip clubs. This club wouldnt let us in because we are women and they stated that a woman stabbed her husband once in the 20 years theyve been open. Thats reason why they wont accept money from women. Its called metal detectors.

Bar and waitress staff were fast with service and i felt very welcomed.

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Met a actor while in there filming a movie here in the ATL so its was a party! Anyways Great spot I will be going back! Fantastic time. The bathrooms were exquisite. Scott Hargrove says two-thumbs up! He enjoys the afternoon ladies the most. They showed him things he has never seen before.

We dont dance for women when their men drag them in there and their miserable and rude. Also why would we always be packed if the girls were fat and old and yes the vip rooms are always packed. Which is a good thing for us. Not our fault if you dont come up to us how do we know you want a dance????

And please dont bring your miserable wives. Bar Staff sets the Norm. The girls are Tattletale lounge atlanta, Hott, and Sweet! This is a Great Place to take your clients, to help promote a deal!! While on a business trip, I stopped by this club with another friend of mine.

We got a table, ordered couple of drinks each, and spent about an hour an half. We are average looking guys and in an athletic Tattletale lounge atlanta however no girls approached us during the hour and half we were there. I finally got to talk to a girl and she told me that no one would stop by because were brown from India.

No one would make an eye contact with us and when I asked a girl directly for a lap dance, she responded with a sarcastic sure and ignored me. All in all, this club is very racist and is a complete waste of time. I had a budget of a couple hundred dollars and ended up spending money mostly on drinks. I left very unsatisfied. This never happened to me before in any other club in the US.

I mean.

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Becareful of a certain Indian dancer, her name is Shumyala Sanam Haroon, 1 month ago she used my debit card without permission to book a Tattletale lounge atlanta. Does this place ever do background searches! I had to do a background search on her and I found out she has a past charges forgery and intent distribute control substances!

ALL felonies. From my experience some of the hottest women on the planet dance here. I was here for the 41st Anniversary and when the party was in full swing the place was wall to wall gorgeous women and Im talking playboy models some girls over and all legs. Im not sure what this place is like on a random weekday but one thing is for sure if you are ever in ATL skip the Cheetah and check this place out.

Special Note: the guy in the mens room is a tad nuts so bring purel and skip the hand washing. He stocks the entire room with more snacks than Like who needs a bag of Cheetos while they are getting a lap dance? Wow thx for the history lesson! Its ok. Not the best but not the worst. Small but its easy to spend or not depending on your style.

Also its not dressy so dont expect that. I have worked at many clubs legally and have to say this place is like a Cheers with Dancers who are paying thEirik way thru School and doing other positive things with the money!!!! Its Safe, They take care of their clients, they call Uber if guests need a deated driver and have affordable Valets Parking too.

Hottest strippers in ATL! Seriously do not waste your time and money. Very small t and the girls are ugly, old, fat and rude. Asked about 5 girls for dances for my birthday boy friend and every single one rejected to do a dance because oh no Im a VIP girl only or Tattletale lounge atlanta no Im off the clock yet Im walking around still in my underwear and dancing for other people.

And mardi GRAS has better deals on drinks and better bar tenders. I literally had to almost get behind the bar to get the aholes to get me a drink. Its a strip bar and, in Atlanta, they strip all the way down to their stilletos and nothing else Was here last night and I promise you if youre black theres no point even walking in there your invisible had a few thousand dollars on me and not one person came or even looked me and my friends way we even tried to talk to some and the girls looked at us rude and just walked away.

Looks like your dancers need to lose the racism and get money which all is green and spends the same damn way. All organizations All cities. Tattletale Lounge. Visit the website. Best Bar 30 years running ,Top Girls 4 U. Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue sent me here. Just a great place, they make you feel at home! Love this place. Does anyone know if customers are required to wear masks here? Best girls in town. Must see Kiki!! Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletales. My wife and i always have a ball here, favorite gentlemans club in Atlanta. It was good they got great girls are pretty relaxed and chill.

Good dancers great service n good environment. Felt hreat with my buddies male n females. Overcharge people on tabs. The girls arent bad, but they arent friendly at all. Waste of time if your black. Spent 2 hours here. No dancers even talked to me. The Tattletale lounge atlanta strip t in the city of atlanta and thats a fact jack. Vince Neil said you guys are cool. They are very cool and polite Needs updatingRacist atmosphere. Pria, smh. You got me. People lie, damn folks live. Girls,girls,girls, awesome wait staff so cool Ashely,shes the best!!!!!!!!

The girls have bad attitudes. I want to see tattletales.

Tattletale lounge atlanta

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