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It might be hard to believe, but at one point in my life, I was awkward and single. I also happened to have a lot of free time on my hands. And that is how I happened to find myself being cast on a briefly syndicated dating show called The 5th Wheel. In fact, I continued to work at the same drug store that put me through school for a year after I graduated. Finally, as a college graduate with a degree in Film Studies in the midwest, I was given an opportunity to move to Los Angeles with a friend for the summer. So in true Hollywood fashion, I quit my job and rode out to California with no money, no prospects and just a car full of clothes and dreams.

My buddy was out there to attend a summer film program at Universal Studios, so I had most of my days free to look for work and drive around the city unencumbered.

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This wasso things were a lot different than they are today. Something I was no necessarily qualified for, but determined to convince them otherwise. I had a college degree afterall.

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But the idea of making money doing anything at that point was appealing. I planned to stop by the casting after my interview. So the day came, and for some reason I was feeling really good about myself. I came into the production studio with whatever swagger a year-old scrawny white kid from Missouri could have. Stephanie decided it was a nice enough day and we held the interview on a picnic table outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the office.

And I have to tell you, I was in the zone. I killed it. So with a pep in my step, I headed over to the casting agency to give me something to do for the afternoon.

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Well, as someone who had never auditioned for anything other than a play in high school, I was blown away. I stepped into the office and was immediately handed a 3, application to fill out. It must of taken me 45 minutes to complete. It asked me everything from sexual orientation to my first word as a baby. I was still excited from my interview and connection I had with Stephanie, so I tried to make the process as fun as possible. It might be a good time to tell you that flirting during a job interview and generally being an outgoing person was not something I excelled at.

I had friends and I could sometimes hold court at a party, but overall I was just as happy to be a wallflower. But that day was different. I was channeling James Dean and Harrison Ford. On the outside I am sure I was a super dork, but on the inside, I felt like the king of cool. I turned in my casting form and was instructed to sit in the waiting room until they called my name.

When they finally did, I was already hungry for lunch. I also had zero to lose, so when I followed this cute brunette into a dark room with just a stool and a camcorder, I turned on the charm. I found myself flirting with the casting agent much like I did at my interview. It was subtle to be sure, but my jokes were landing and it The 5th wheel tv show like we were both having a generally good time.

The only thing I can distinctly remember saying on camera was describing a time in high school when my buddy and I would surf on the roof of moving cars. I equated it to that scene in Teen Wolf with Michael J. She thought it was hilarious, but made me retell the story without referencing the film.

The 5th Wheel. It was a dating show hosted by Aisha Tyler,wherein two sets of co-eds board a bus, each go on a date and then they swap partners, who then go on another mini-date. And it almost always shook things up. I imagined if I had a chance at all, it would be as the unwitting geek whose hopes would be dashed when a bronze medal olympian boarded the bus and made out with both the women. Or worse, that both the other guy AND the fifth wheel would be chiseled football players, leaving me nothing but crumbs.

So that was that. I finished my video and was given a pleasant handshake and a smile and out the door I went. So I figured that would be that. Later that night I recounted to my roommate just how in the zone I was for both the interview and the casting. I also admitted I had little to no chance at either.

So when I got a call later that week about the job interview, I was on pins and needles. It turns out that the flirting had paid off and Stephanie wanted to offer me a job! She quickly followed up my question with a lengthy explanation that she wanted to hire me, but the director at the last minute was able to rehire his former assistant and because they had more chemistry, I was shit out of luck.

I thanked her for the opportunity and hung up. It was a low moment for me and when I decided I was better off making plans to return to the midwest. My dreams of Hollywood were ruined. Two weeks later I had once again packed everything I owned into my car, a little wiser and a lot more in debt. My roommate was going to stay in LA for a while longer, but since our sublet was up, he was going to crash with a guy he met in his class.

I would make the drive home alone and depressed. It was on that last walk down the sidewalk of the apartment building that I got the call. My phone rang and I picked it up. It was a Tuesday around ten in the morning. We loved your tape and would like to extend an invitation for you to go on a few dates next Monday The 5th wheel tv show you are available? They actually wanted me to be on the show?! I wondered if they misdialed my. The day I auditioned was quite possibly the most confident I had ever been in my life and all The 5th wheel tv show had to show for it was an invite to be on a reality TV dating show.

I stood in front of my car, my life packed up neatly inside. I turned at looked at the apartment that we no longer had. They wanted me on the show in six days. Six days. As much as it killed me, I had mere seconds to formulate a plan of attack that could keep me in the city for an extra week. Suddenly, all my insecurities began to stick out. I had bad teeth, I was poor and unemployed. What did I have to offer a potential date?

And then I reverted back to my initial thought, that my presence on the show would be strictly for comic relief. Was it worth it to be humiliated and possibly roasted by Aisha Tyler on television? Even though this would come to be known as one of my greatest regrets, there was no realistic way to make it work.

I had no friends or a reasonable place to stay. Before I had time to realize it, I could hear my voice turning down the offer. I hung up the phone and climbed into my car to drive home. It was the longest drive of my life and I had a lot of time to think about my failed attempt to make it in Hollywood. It was a poor effort overall, one I wish I could have gotten a do over on. Who knows how different things could have been? Even today, happily married and gainfully employed, I still think back on this story as a turning point.

A chance to change my stars. And it still it kills me. in. Felicia C. Ian Cahill Follow. I Love You Relationships now.

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The 5th wheel tv show

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That Time I was Almost On A Dating Show Called The Fifth Wheel