The cake magazine queen

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While training at a baking and pastry school, Michael Lewis-Anderson marveled at the wedding cake created for Prince Charles and Lady Diana. He decided then that his goal would be to de and create exceptional cakes for amazing clients. And yes, his clients have included kings and queens, princes and princesses, foreign embassies, celebrities and many others.

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Lewis-Anderson has spent nearly 26 years in Belgium, and although his relationship with Wittamer remains as strong as ever, he's now branching out into some other areas—he teaches pastry at the Beau-Arts school in Brussels, is working with Heinemann Konditorei, a Germany company, to develop wedding and celebration cakes and will be making his first U. To accompany this, he will create a showpiece of the elaborate gold state coach and livery service used at the coronation of every British monarch since George, and a version of the Queen's favorite afternoon tea cake.

The timing of the book release is scheduled to coincide with celebrations for the Queen's birthday.

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Avenue LouiseBte 4. B Brussels.

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The cake magazine queen

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You Could Own a Slice of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake